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PAINT (the classics) BY NUMBER

Paint by number might not be the art lesson you’re envisioning when you picture your kids creating art. We’re easing into this school year, even still, mid-October. My tendencies would be to put the pedal down and zoom right into the new year. But we’ve been adding something in each week and I think we’re finally at our full schedule. Last week we added in Art. I wanted to add in art in a gentle way, not requiring too many steps or processes.

Enter, Paint-by-Number Museum Series.

I received this product from Timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review. 

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Need an easy art project for your kids? Try these amazing kits--Paint by number, famous paintings series.


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What I loved about using Paint by Number Museum Series

  • Easiest art lesson ever. The series came with four different paintings. My three big kids each chose one. I chose the last one. Everything we needed was in the kit. We grabbed some paper towels and cups of water for cleaning brushes and away we went!
  • The kits left room for my kids’ own creativity. Even though these are paint by number kits, the kids still have to mix their own colors and follow the directions. My kids didn’t follow them exactly, and I allowed that on purpose. Art in our house is about personal creativity, not following all the rules, and these kits allowed for that.
  • A mini art history lesson is included. Each kit includes a quick list of info about the paintings. I love that because it added a little bit of history to what they were painting. img_2136
  • This project was really rewarding for my kids. They were able to create a classic piece of famous artwork that they’ve seen many times. And it came to life before their eyes. Each child, at some point in the project commented on how they love how their painting was turning out!
  • This project taught my kids about being thorough. They had to be thorough in reading directions and finding all the tiny numbers before they moved on to the next color to paint. It was verrrrrrry quiet at my dining room table for a good hour!


Using Paint by Number Museum Series with multiple ages and skill levels

  • Paint by Number kits are aimed for ages 8 and over. Based on the mixing of paint and following the key, I would agree with that. The problem is, I have a (very involved) 3-year-old. To include her, I simply made a photocopy of the key to the paint by number of her choice. I printed it on card stock so it was thick and her paints wouldn’t tear holes in the paper and she was perfectly happy painting like the big kids. Winning!!
  • Each kit included 6 different paint colors but the paintings require many more colors than this. That means your kids need to mix their own colors. The instructions lay this out really well. But if your child is not as confident mixing their own paints, I just helped them along with this step.

img_2151 img_2155

  • I loved that the kits included a stand to display their paintings when they finished. How fun to display their beautiful works of art for the whole family to see. Very nice touch and great use of packaging.


We thoroughly enjoyed using the Paint by Number Museum Series. It was simple and easy to get started. All of my kids were completely absorbed in their paintings and each was equally happy with the finished product.

Check out the Paint by Number Museum Series on Timberdoodle or the 3rd Grade Curriculum bundle that includes this series. 

Looking for a way to inspire your not-so-artsy kids? These paint-by-number kids are awesome! The finished product is an amazing-looking classic painting that your child did all by themselves. SO rewarding for everyone!

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