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Critical thinking in a big deal in our house. Sure, I want my kids to be good at math and reading, but knowing why they do things and having common sense to solve real life problems is even more important. Puzzles, games, logic books, and others are ways that we incorporate critical thinking into our everyday. I want to show you something pretty awesome for your puzzle-lover. Especially if you have a dot-to-dot puzzles lover!

Let me introduce you to the mother of all dot-to-dot puzzles…Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Spectacular Places.

Looking for something new for your puzzle lovers? Extreme dot-to-dot puzzles are our newest favorites! Here's my full review.

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My pals at Timberdoodle asked me to write an honest review for this puzzle book. It’s a part of their 8th grade curriculum kit and also offered by itself too as a great thought-provoking, quiet time activity. Thoughts and opinions, like always, are mine.

About Extreme Dot-to-Dot Puzzles

  • These books are a one-time use puzzle book.
  • For this particular version, you kids will be uncovering some amazing place in the world…the leaning tower of Pisa, the Great Pyramids, the Statue of Liberty and more.
  • The page opposite the puzzle gives a paragraph of clues for your puzzle lover to try to guess what it is before he solves the puzzle.
  • Pages are easily removed if your child wants to display their amazing “solve” when they’re finished.
  • What makes it extreme? The numbers go up to hundreds and hundreds! These puzzles are huge, requiring a ton of concentration by your kids.

Extreme dot to dots for puzzle lovers. 009

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My thoughts on Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Spectacular Places

  • I happen to have a kid that loves puzzles. These Extreme Dot-to-Dot books are just his speed. They require lots of concentration. I love that.
  • The puzzle-lover gets to see if they can figure out the “spectacular place” before they even get to the end of the puzzle. Double puzzles.
  • Answer key is in the back in case you’re both stumped.
  • I love things that are handy! This requires a pencil. That’s it!
  • Extreme Dot-to-Dots require a lot patience as well as concentration. Your younger kids might become frustrated easily because these puzzles ARE tricky. I would recommend for ages 10+.
  • I love that these puzzles don’t just give your kids something to solve, they open a conversation to spectacular places! You could look up where the place is located, the history around it, and more.



My boys love these puzzles. There’s several titles to choose from at Timberdoodle, but I think this one is my favorite.

What about you? Do you have a puzzle-lover in your house? Have you tried Extreme Dot-to-Dots? 

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