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Its sometimes hard to believe we’ve lived away from our entire family for just a week shy of two years now.  Some days it feels like we’ve been gone forever and sometimes it feels like we just left yesterday. The funny thing is that when we do get back together with all of them, nothing ever changes….we pick right back up like old friends. We catch up, we drink wine, we laugh about old jokes and stories, we solve each other’s problems, and most commonly in the Hagan family-we all talk at once, getting louder and louder until we realize no one is listening to anyone. Its amazing. Its my family.

I can’t believe Tessa (my sister) got married last Friday.  I got married almost 11 years ago, and being the oldest of only three and the only one married for a very long time, it seemed surreal to me watching the ceremony (which was outside and freezing by the way).  My sister has been involved with my now brother-in-law for over four years, they have a little boy together.  I once wondered if that day would come, but now its a reality and they’re celebrating this new beginning together in Jamaica this very minute. 

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I really wish I would have taken more pictures. Really I do. Dang it. It was seriously so busy though…we got in to Rapid City late at night, the kids were exhausted from the time change the whole time.  Every single day was jammed packed. We stayed two nights in one hotel and the rest of the time at a lodge.  Bachelorette partying, spa, taking care of kids, rehearsal, photo sessions, the list goes on. It was so full. 

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I felt good being there…like good about myself.  I loved my dress and felt good in it.  I wore faux lashes and couldn’t believe I could actually get them on.  I was so impressed with my make-up abilities that are usually so lacking.  Us girls went out for a bachelorette night, including a fancy dinner and bars…which on a Wednesday night in Rapid City does not prove too crazy…which was a good thing, since I think the last time I’d been to a bar was 2009 or something.

This was the first time Jarrod has gone back home in the two years we’ve lived here.  It was somewhat surreal for him too.  He is really close to my brother, and I don’t know if its just him or if its all guys, but he’s just not the phone call kinda guy.  So besides a few family Skype sessions, he’s barely talked to my brother at all.  It was so good for them to catch up and hang out.  My sister was so busy most of the time, but I got to rekindle with cousins and old friends and my heart is full from those late-night chats…its almost like free therapy. 

The wind shifts though as soon as the wheels hit the runway.  I’m staring out the tiny window at the dark mountains and all I can think about is the house I have to go home to that is literally infested with mice.  I know there’s a mess waiting for me there.  At least I know the exterminator has cleaned out the traps before I got home and my sweet neighbors have double checked on things.  Its such a mix of emotions.

Thanful for today:
1. my family…extended and immediate
2. that dress
3. my sister is married!!!
4. lovely things that take time
5. plane tickets paid in cash
6. Sophie’s freckles
7. late night talks
8. growing wiser with age
9. being mask-free
10. fall. fall. fall. and fall.


  1. I've never done the fake eyelashes before. I'm sure you were breathtaking.You are one of those rare beauties that looks great with a fresh face.. so wow!!

  2. You gals are GORGEOUS!!! So happy that you guys were able to reconnect with your people. What a blessing!
    (SO SO sad that you had to come home to rodents . . . grrrrr)

  3. That's great that you got time with your family for a WEDDING!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You both looked gorgeous. I'm sure it was bittersweet, but oh so nice to go home!

  4. I feel the same way when I return home. It is so enjoyable and comforting. You look beautiful, it feels good to get dressed up and feel good about yourself, doesn't it, why don't we make it a point to do it more often? I'm sorry to hear about the mice…i will be emailing you some tips we had an awful infestation many years ago too…I still have nightmares.

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