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6 Big Reasons to Love Online Homeschool Curriculum

There are all courses of thought on using an online homeschool curriculum. Some families swear by it. Some don’t use it at all. For us, we have loved it in certain areas and for this post, I want to share some reasons to love online homeschool curriculum, Even if you don’t use it for everything–there are tons of ways you can incorporate it into your days for a well-rounded homeschool day.

We’ve been using Study.com for several months now and I would love to share how it can help your homeschool family. I’ve outlined six BIG reasons why using an online homeschool curriculum can be a great help for you and your family. Read on for my tips!

I received access to study.com and was compensated for my time. All thoughts in this post are my own.

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Online Homeschool Curriculum Helps when Homeschooling Multiple Ages

My kids are currently in 12th grade, 8th grade, 6th grade, and 1st grade–I know all about juggling multiple grade-levels. It can be really challenging to teach math to one child while the youngest one goes crazy, and the others keep asking you what to do next.

With an online homeschool curriculum, one (or more!) kids can be working on subjects while you work one-on-one with another child.

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Study.com offers online classes for Pre-K all the way up to college kids.

Managing Different Learning Styles

Some children are really good at reading a lesson and completing it. Others are much more visual or like the lesson to be read to them. Sometimes, as the mom and teacher, it’s hard to serve all your kids in their specific learning style.

Study.com has tons of video courses for your kids and most of the videos are just 10 minutes or under.

There are hundreds of topics and options available on Study.com, like:

  • Book Guides
  • Business Classes
  • Foreign Language
  • Ancient History
  • Algebra
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry
  • And hundreds more!!

College-Prep is Simple

Even if your child isn’t sure about whether or not they’re college-bound or not, it’s a great idea to take advantage of some of the awesome online college-prep resources.

Study.com offers college and CLEP courses for your high school students. They can be earning college credits for a fraction of the cost as high school students–that’s so awesome!

Your kids can be earning college credit from home at a fraction of the cost!

There’s no textbook or classroom, so your child can learn from anywhere. And Study.com offers hundreds of courses to choose from.

If you’re worried about credit transfers, which can sometimes be a problem, Study.com has partnered with over 1500 colleges and universities to make the credit transfer super simple. You can check their site for their featured partners.

Online Homeschool Curriculum Takes the Planning Time Away

Personally, I love homeschool planning! But I know not everyone does–or has time!

Using an online homeschool curriculum totally takes out the planning work for you. The course and syllabus are done for you–your child just needs to log in and follow along. So simple!

Online Homeschool Curriculum is (Usually) the Most Updated Info

I absolutely love real, life books and computers will never replace them for me. BUT! There is a downside to using textbooks for your kids–they do get outdated.

We are currently using an older version of a Saxon Math book with one of my kids. It has been the biggest pain this year because it’s different than my other child’s version, it doesn’t line up with our Saxon Math assistant and I’m really wishing I would’ve just gone ahead, spent the money and purchased the new book at the beginning of the year.

But with online homeschool curriculum, the info is constantly being updated. Study.com offers the best up-to-date info your kids can get and it doesn’t require you to keep purchasing a new book!

Grading is a Non-Issue

Grading is another item up for debate among the homeschool crowd. But if you need (or want to) keep grades, keeping track can be a total pain.

Using an online homeschool curriculum almost always offers the feature of keeping track of grades and/or assessments. It can be so time-consuming to go back and correct all the work your kids have done each day, but I love that online homeschool curriculum like Study.com just keeps track of all that for you!

Learn More

Visit Study.com to learning more!

And their YouTube channel for more videos too.

online homeschool curriculum

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