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How to Find History Resources That Will Make the Most Awesome Unit Studies

There is little I love more about homeschooling than planning history unit studies. But what I do not love is sorting through all the garbage out there on the internet to find the good stuff. Good stuff like homeschool history videos, the best books, maps, and more.

I have been introduced to a new-to-me resource that literally does the legwork for me when I want to plan a history unit study for my kids. Homeschool History asked me to review their site and I cannot wait to share it with you!

I was compensated for my time in reviewing this site. As always, all thoughts are my own.

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Homeschool History Videos

What is the Homeschool History Membership?

Have you ever been searching for info about a certain topic and just cannot find any great videos or resources out there??

Or has your child ever asked you about something that you know nothing about, but you want to help them research it more in-depth?

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Me too, to both!

Finding great resources on the internet can be so hard! We take hours and hours to sort through the rubbish for just a few gold nuggets.

Homeschool History Membership solves all that.

It is an annual membership that provides a HUGE searchable history database. You can find books, videos, audio resources, and even historic sites.

You can search Homeschool History Membership by topic, time period, and/or geographical area.

It doesn’t matter what history curriculum you use, this will supplement whatever your main history unit or curriculum is.

Planning History Unit Studies

I’ve shared many times how we love unit studies in our homeschool. We’ve been using unit studies since the very beginning. I love unit studies because they can reach all types of learners: auditory, visual, hands-on, and every mix in-between.

One of my “rules” for building a unit study is I want to touch on all five senses during that study.

  • Taste our own hardtack from the Civil War era
  • Listen to old battle hymns
  • Touch and feel through hands-on projects
  • See awesome documentaries on Lincoln and more
  • Smell our own meals baking

To make amazing history unit studies possible, I like to have great books and games on hand and from the library.

With the main text for the history study chosen, I will then find supplemental resources for the study:

  • movies and documentaries
  • music
  • recipes
  • crafts + hands-on projects
  • picture books
  • games

How We Use Homeschool History Videos

Because I love to use documentaries and other videos in my homeschool, I am able to very quickly search for what I need through Homeschool History.

I can search by person, topic or place on the map and find TONS of books, audio resources, videos, and virtual tours.

After I search and find the resources I want to use for our study, I’m able to easily bookmark the items I want to use. When we want to use them, I just head to my saved items and they’re all there waiting for me. It’s so easy!

Here are a few book lists you might be interested in for planning your own studies:

Using Homeschool History in your Homeschool

What I have been loving about the Homeschool History Membership is the searching capabilities. They are awesome!

If I want to search a person, a topic, a time period, a country, a region, and so on, I am able to really narrow my search and find great resources!

There are virtual tours for some topics, which I love too.

This service can be used for SO much more than a history unit study though:

  • have a child asking tons of questions on a certain topic?
  • great for falling down rabbit holes!
  • perfect for rainy day entertainment
  • it’s all very safe for young eyes, so I would completely let this be my kids’ “screen time” for the day (but please use your own discretion)
  • could be used to study history, geography, music, art and so much more!

Find Homeschool History

Homeschool History Membership is an amazing resource that can be used for unit studies, personal interests, rainy days and so much more! Homeschool History has so much to offer and you can find them all around the web:

I hope you’ll check them out and get your free trial today!

Homeschool History Videos

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