Mom-Bit Monday: Making Memories

Today’s challenge: How many m’s can you pack into one blog post title? It’s not as easy as it looks.

How was your weekend? Ours was Christmas-filled. We got our tree and decorated it. Sunday started Advent so we kicked off a couple traditions that we’ve done for years. I’m going to talk about our Advent traditions later this week, but today I just want to stroll down memory lane.  Or I guess, lay the bricks of Memory Lane.

Because as much as we probably don’t feel like adding one more criteria to our duties, the bricklaying of Memory Lane is on us, Mamas. Here’s how I felt this weekend: I really just wanted to do nothing. My tight pants are gauging a change coming soon and we have a lot of variables in the air right now. I tend to think and rethink every scenario and then rethink it again. I’ve been doing that a lot these last few weeks. I just kinda wanted to grab a bag of potato chips and sit in my room for a day or two and really get myself worked up…not do anything fun.
But here’s the dealio: sometimes other people are more important than us. Gasp!!
Sometimes doing something that we don’t feel like doing or that seems like too  much work is worth it ten-times over.

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Usually in our house the “living room” tree is my territory. I like a pretty tree. I have beautiful ornaments and love to do up a big beautiful tree.  We get a second tree for the school room or kids area that they have free reign over to decorate. This is how we always do it. I do the regular tree by myself and then we move on the kids tree and rock some Veggie Tale Christmas and I let them stick ornaments wherever they want to, even if it’s all 5,000 handmade ornaments on the same two branches. It’s their deal.
But this year I decided to downsize. Our garage is chock full. It’s hard to get to stuff. It’s all buried. I could handle getting out some decorations, but not all. So we made our main tree the kids tree and we made it a party. 

I made all kinds of fun foods. There was a cheese ball.  I used our champagne flutes for ginger ale. We turned on the Christmas tunes AND Charlie Brown Christmas and took our time decking out the tree. 

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Noah got into it and made these sweet cards for us all. Isn’t that sweet?!

I have a feeling they are going to want “champagne” and  a cheeseball next year too. It was too fun not to.  We will probably have to revert back to the two-tree tradition though as I’m staring down Darth Vader hanging mid-bough right now, but for this year…it works.

We made a memory.

But mama got the ball rolling…cause that’s what we do. That’s what we have to do. And that’s what we’ll be thankful we did.

See? ???


  1. I'm behind… doesn't mean I don't love you… this is such a sweet party. I love the shots of the bubbly while decorating! My kids would LOVE some fancy bubbly cider and making a party of it. Why didnt I think of that? Probably because I was soaked to the bone, tired from all the relatives and in need of a nap. Ha. Next year…

  2. Those are good good pics. I haven't picked up my camera at all lately. Haven't been making fun memories…. Need to turn that around. Love the kids tree. Beautimus.

  3. That is just the best tree ever full of love, no offense to anyone but I never got the two tree thing one for looks and one of made memories my kids are adults and i still have the special ornaments & decorations they made us in school it is so cool to bring them out each year and remember that time in their life of crayons, stickers and glitter.
    Love that you made a party put of it for them sweet memories for them.

  4. As hard as it is to just let go and go with the flow it feels so much better when we do. Now if could only listen to my own words of

    And mama your tree looks darling:)

  5. We are also a "two tree" family! I figure if I have the space, why not! I love having the house all lit up and they like having a tree just their size. We have an advent calendar book that we go through and those little ornaments get hung on their tree too! Here's to fun memories!

  6. What fun memories you made! I love that you had a family party while decorating the tree!
    I let my kids decorat a lot of the tree this year. I did move some/a lot of stuff around though once they went to bed…a branch can only hold so many ornaments on it.:)

  7. Love the message here Alicia! I recently read something and I don't remember where…could have been your blog! Anyway, it talked about how it was up to us as Moms well, parents in general I suppose to make Christmas special and memorable. That's kind of a duh statement and it was written in a more profound way I'm sure but it stuck with me. If we don't do it for our family they won't have it…intentionality I guess! Anyway, all that to say I love how special you made tree decorating with your kids! A memory for sure! And that Darth Vader Lego ornament? I need that in my house! It would be the perfect ornament for my boys!

  8. LOL! darth vader!
    you are such a GREAT mama.
    you know when to step back and say it's okay to not have things our way of perfect.
    i was really having a selfish weekend, girl.
    i am definitely the one to get the ball rolling over here, and i was frustrated that my hubby is just not that into it…and then our tree lights failed…so he took me a half an hour to get more and they are ugly. really ugly.
    then i got even uglier. ugh!
    so now, i had some alone quiet time, re-evaluated the REAL Reason why i'm doing this and all is well.
    love you AND your awesome tree!

  9. We never did a second tree. The tree we decorated as a family with all of its mismatched (and beloved) ornaments was our tree. It showcased what we loved and what was our past. I don't care if other people didn't find it pretty; we sure did.

  10. Can I just say that you've calmed all my fears of being a bad Mom, j/k…but seriously 😉
    My hubby thinks it's bad that I was a second tree for the kids ornaments/home made ornaments and that I want the main tree to be my special pretty tree.
    I've attempted to assure him that I'm not the only one, so I'll be sharing this post with him.
    I love that you did ginger ale and a cheese ball, those kiddos are lucky to have such an awesome Momma!

    I hope you can find some time for R&R soon, enjoy the holidays, slow down, oh and if you're not to busy I'd love to meet you when we come to Asheville in a couple weeks.

    P.S. Darth Vadar as a lego is endearing he he he!

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