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I’m just going to be honest. All these wonderful homeschool planning scopes, posts, and resources are stressing me out! Kidding, not kidding. I love it, but since I’ve done practically nothing, and I  haven’t had much time (or motivation) to really even think about it, all this good stuff is making me loco. Since I haven’t done a whole lot of planning, I’m reeeeally relishing in the things I have thought through. One of those celebratory items off the list is MATH! What?! You don’t even like math, Alicia. 

I know, I know.

But I’ve become even more obsessed then ever with Usborne books…I even signed up to sell them! (that’s true love!) I was invited to several Facebook parties for Usborne over the spring and summer and I collected some pretty amazing things–including some math books we’ll be using to supplement our math curriculum this school year. Usborne offers amazing supplemental math books. This is how we're using Usborne math books in our homeschool this year for our 3rd, 5th, and 9th graders.

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Supplementing Math with Usborne Books

This year I will have a preschool , 3rd grade, 5th grade, and 9th grade kid. About 50% of them want to punch math in the face, so I’m getting a little creative this year. Here’s what we’re doing for each grade level.

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9th Grade Homeschool Math

My 9th grader will be doing Algebra 1 this year. He’s actually going to be taking the actual course with a co-op this year. I really think this will be a good thing because a) I’m much better at doing algebra than teaching it and b) math can be a source of contention for us and I like to avoid that 😉

Noah will be using BJU’s Algebra 1 text with the class.  There is so much to remember with algebra. Formulas, symbols, verbiage that you never use unless you’re doing a math lesson, which is hopefully not very often. So when I found the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Math, I was super excited. Not because I thought that Noah would be all stoked about math now, but because I can tell by just flipping through that it’s going to be SUPER useful!Supplemental math books from usborne books. Great for homeschoolers and homework helpers!

As you work through your lessons, if you get hung up on a specific question, you could probably find the answer in your textbook. But the text is going to be boring, black and white, and explain it ONE way. This illustrated dictionary shows multiple ways to accomplish numerous tasks in full color and simple language. I can seriously see college students using this book!1387 Supplementing homeschool math with Usborne Books.

5th Grade Homeschool Math

We’ve tried lots of different math programs. Sometimes changing up the curriculum will help with the daily struggles. But sometimes you need to say, “it’s me, not you,” to the curriculum and realize that new math curricula won’t make math go away. We veered from one thing to another over the years, but we always circle back to Saxon math. 


This year for my 5th grader, I am SO excited about what I found for him to supplement his math with…This is NOT a Math Book is amazing. It combines art, geometry, algebra, graphing, and SO much more! I’m actually ordering a few more of these because I think they’ll be great for my other two kids…and me. Ahem.1382Supplementing homeschool math with Usborne books.

3rd Grade Homeschool Math

We’ll be using Saxon for this little lady as well. For her, I just really want to make sure she knows her math facts like the back of her hand, right?! So when SHE put Usborne’s Lift-the-Flap Times Table on her own Usborne wishlist, I knew I had to get it.


I love this because it’s fun and colorful. Each pages shows the different fact families and their products up to x12. There’s a million and one little word problems and you lift the flap to reveal the answers. Along the side of each page is the whole list of facts for easy remembering. It’s a great tool for math drills without the tears that somehow flash cards always seem to bring out.1383 1384

More Supplemental Math Books from Usborne Books

There are a TON of supplemental math books from Usborne if you’re in the market. Here’s some of my favorites.


There aren’t just illustrated dictionaries for big people, there’s two more dictionaries for younger ages too. First Illustrated Math Dictionary is ideal for the little guys, like preK and Kinder. It covers counting, number lines, number recognition and more. The Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary is for a little bit older kids. I would say around 2nd to 6th grade, give or take a few years.

If you have all these ages, like I do, you can get the whole series of dictionaries in a handy collection for a lesser price. Winning!!


These Wipe-Clean books are SO good for little people. The marker is included so you can easily do your math facts wherever you go. If you have a Kindergartner, this book would be all you needed for your math curriculum. Seriously. Don’t spend more money than you need to with little people.

That’s our rundown for math this year. Check. Check. Check. What are you using for math this year?

The links to the Usborne books take you to my specific site. Let me know if you want info on getting these books for freeeee! {[email protected]}



  1. Ahhh! Alicia! I’m about to pop out of my skin over here. These books are amazing! While we are not struggling with wanting to punch math in the face necessarily, we are always on the lookout for good math books that aren’t math textbooks (if you know what I mean). Thanks for sharing these awesome resources!!

  2. Hi!

    Thank you for posting this. I was wondering about your thoughts on the bindings? My oldest is going into 1st grade and I have 2 younger than her. Would the flex binding last (obviously with care) through all 3 or should I go with the library option?

    Thanks so much!

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