Hope is the thing with feathers…

This week has been a total mind game if there’s ever been one. Cray-to-the-zay! I went into this week with some big prayers and we’re leaving it with some answers and a whole lotta movin’ and shakin’ on God’s part.  And speaking of God…I decided yesterday that He has a big ol’ flare for the dramatics.  I’d have to tell you every detail of this week to let you know exactly what I mean…but sometimes I just feel like there are easy answers and then there’s just some big dramatic answers and I think He really digs those kind. I think he likes to keep us guessing…on our toes.  He’s not boring.  Not in the slightest. I know we’ve got some answers coming and although I would prefer the hand-delivered envelope kind that come right when I want them, I think He’s got a thrill-seeker version in mind.  Just my opinion…
I’ve been holding onto hope like crazy.  Hope always points to the future…always looks ahead. I feel like all the recent goings on in our life have somewhat overshadowed that fact that in less than 8 weeks we’ll have a sweet little blessing to kiss and rock and hold. I hate that I haven’t been able to just completely relish in this whole experience. How do you shove the stress aside and focus on what you don’t want to miss?? That is my question for you.
For us, we made art. I used a poem that has been marinating in my brain for days and we used it to create some beautiful drawings.  We are loving these new soft pastels. They are messy, but they create these beautiful impressionist-like drawings that the kids are so proud of. They blend beautifully.  We got these at Micheal’s and they’re cheapy sets, but they seem to work fine.
We read about Emily Dickinson and her life. She was a different person…kind of a recluse and a hermit.  But because of how she wrote, I sense that she wanted to be adventurous and see the world more.  Either way, her writing is lovely and it speaks to me.
We read her poem about “hope is a thing with feathers.” We are working on memorizing it.  Their drawings were simple feathers and we used real feathers to get inspiration from.  Each child’s is very unique and different….



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My emotional pregnant heart went to sleep on Tuesday night feeling overwhelmed about life…and I woke up to a whole group of sweet friends that I love, practically sitting in my living room waiting to shower me with goodness and love.  My girl, Becky, gathered together a group of my favorite blog girls for a day of “virtual showering”…if you missed it, go read HERE and read all the posts.  It seriously made my day…it made me know that God does really see those hurts we have and reaches out to heal them.  It was just what I needed when I needed it. 
We are still waiting, but I’m choosing to look forward today…know that there’s a plan for me and I have big hopes for the future, whatever it might hold.

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  1. i so wish I had known about the virtual baby shower…. bummer.

    i was in orlando that week, so somehow i missed knowing about it. nonetheless, i'm so grateful that you were loved on by so many!!

    you've got little artists in your house…what a great job they did! you've done such a great job this year with art!!!

  2. i found my way here through becky. i figure, if i love her blog and she loves you, well, i surely must find you wonderful as well. this IS my favorite quote, maybe of all time… and your littles just made it all the better.

    congrats on your up and coming sweet bundle of joy. i hope i'm not dashing any of your hope by saying that the crazy and the busy probably won't get better for a bit… 🙂 you just have to roll with it and while it happens, grab onto those moments with your littles, imprint them in your brain or with your camera, and give sweet thanks for all the joy that comes tangled up in that crazy chaos.


  3. Just beautiful art work! Praying for you and your sweet family. And yes you have a wonderful network for blog friends…loved "being part of" your wonderful showere ;0

  4. Aww that is so wonderful! He works in mysterious ways doesn't He? But in the long run He is so good! I love the art that you did with the kiddos – what precious memories.

  5. that Noah! love his feather. it does float…hope. hoping it floats and flutters to somewhere really close to me. love you friend. i'm so glad we came together and blessed your socks off. there definitely is something about blessing others that really just bounces back and blesses yourself. it's fantastic.

  6. One of my favorite
    quotes, and that's saying
    something : )

    I hope, in addition
    to looking forward,
    you'll breathe in the
    right now. It's so precious.

    As are you!

    Happy Friday,
    xo Suzanne

  7. I so loved the little virtual showers that we're held for you. What a fun idea. I love it when special things happen like that, right when we need them most. Helps me remember God is there, even when we may feel forgotten. I know you want answers and to feel settled, I pray you will feel a peace, so you CAN enjoy the last few months with your littles before the baby comes.

  8. you have budding artists over in the hutchinson household! 🙂
    i love each and every piece of art SO much.
    tell them mary said that they are fantastic!

    also, i wanted to use this verse at your shower, but then, well, who knows what happened.
    anyway…God has had this on my heart for you lately.
    love you.

    "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says Yahweh, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope and a future."
    Jeremiah 29:11

    and it's gonna be SO good.

  9. I adore the Emily Dickinson art work! Dickinson is one of my favorite poets. I miss teaching English (I teach Math and Science-6th grade), but still find ways to bring poems into our home….you are doing such a wonderful job of homeschooling!

    I just know your path will smooth out.

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