The Simplest Homeschool Writing Curriculum For Your Kiddos

Today, I am very excited to share with you the simplest homeschool writing curriculum I’ve come across: Paragraph Writing for Kids by Common Sense Press. They sent me their curriculum and compensated me for my time in writing an honest review. When I opened it up, I was shocked at how they had simplified one of the trickiest subjects homeschool moms teach.

A common homeschooling question I get asked is about teaching kids good writing skills. What to use, which curriculum is best, where to start?

In this post I’m going to share about a resource that I think could solve all your writing dilemmas. Paragraph Writing for Kids is extremely easy to use, simple for your child to grasp, and can be completed in just a few minutes a day. No more hours-long writing lessons–thankyouJesus! Read on for my full take on this homeschool writing curriculum!

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Finding great homeschool writing curriculum can be a daunting task. Let me tell you about the most simple product I have found!

Why is Homeschool Writing Curriculum Frustrating?

I think the reason a lot of homeschool moms stress out about writing is that the homeschool writing curriculum out there makes it very confusing. There are lessons that take weeks on end, a ton of daily homeschool time is require to these programs, and there is just so much confusion surrounding this subject!

That’s super frustrating.

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I think we keep asking questions because as adults, when we sit down to write a blog post or an email, it’s not really that tricky. When we break it down by paragraph and paragraph structure, it makes the process of writing really really simple. That is what Paragraph Writing for Kids does–problem solved!

What is Paragraph Writing for Kids?

Paragraph Writing for Kids is a simple homeschool writing curriculum that comes in the form of one workbook. You can certainly add in your own spelling and grammar in addition to Paragraph Writing for Kids if you wish.

The workbook teaches kids the basics of composition and the thought process behind crafting a well-stated paragraph. It covers the five types of paragraphs–descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository, and comparative.

This curriculum takes just a few minutes a day and your child can typically work with you or independently. Common Sense Press materials are really designed for kids to learn independence.

Your child creates a binder with all their work inside and the workbook and be reused for other students.

What I Love About Paragraph Writing for Kids

Paragraph Writing for Kids is such a huge stress-reliever in my opinion. Many homeschool writing curriculum choices are just really difficult to use. They’re very dry and time-consuming, where I’d rather be taking that time to learn about something more interesting. Plus, I love to add writing assignments into our other subjects, so to teach another entire curriculum on top of everything else feels very cumbersome.

I love that this is quick and easy. It teaches kids how to write well in a very streamlined, simple way–I so appreciate that!

Common Sense Press really does live up to its name–their products just make sense! No busywork. Minimal planning. And a lot of what is inside their curriculum is already topics that can easily integrate into your real life.

Take Grocery Store Math, for instance. Read my review on that great product too! Their curriculum just makes sense!

Common Sense Press Materials are Awesome. Here’s Why:

  • Very user friendly and require a minimum of planning
  • Designed for your child to work independently as much as possible
  • Written by experienced homeschool authors
  • NO busywork
  • Very affordable
  • Pick them up and GO!

Common Sense Press has amazing customer service and you can reach them at 321-419-8163 to chat with a curriculum specialist about curriculum, homeschooling, or just for encouragement! How great is that!?

Common Sense Press also has a large array of resources like Literary Journals, essay assessment, and free book studies.

Free Resource from Common Sense Press:

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A Chance to Win from Common Sense Press

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