Sonlight Review: the Answer to Literature-Based History for Your Homeschool

Today, I’m super excited to share a full Sonlight review with you. To be specific, I’ll be sharing a review for Sonlight’s History / Bible / Literature D: Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re looking for a solid literature-based American history curriculum for your homeschool, read on for a Sonlight review just for you.

Sonlight has compensated me for my time in writing this review. All opinions are my own.

In this review I’m going to lay out what exactly is inside Intro to American History part one, how it’s organized, and the benefits of using Sonlight’s tried-and-true curriculum. Below you’ll also find a video where I give you a closer look at what’s inside the curriculum and how to use your Instructor’s Guide to its full advantage.

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Sonlight Review: What’s Inside American History, Year 1 of 2

  • Instructor’s Guide: This piece is pure GOLD! The IG lays out everything you need to do and read each and every day for 36 weeks of school. This is a huge timesaver for busy moms!
  • 3 great Bible resources including a CD with hymns to memorize
  • 5 different reference-type history books that you and your kids will refer back to over and over again over the course of the school year
  • 13 beautiful read alouds to enjoy together with your kids
  • 16 shorter “readers” for your kids to read on their own or with a little help from you ๐Ÿ™‚
  • a timeline book with timeline pieces: I LOVE this part because it’s a book you can keep adding to over the course of all your homeschooling years! Timelines are such an important part to visualizing history and its order.

What I Love About Sonlight American History

The topics, or subjects you will cover when you use this curriculum are: Bible, American history, literature, and reading, if you count reading as a subject in your homeschool.

The Instructor’s Guide also gives the parent a daily Bible reading too, which a great way to start the study for the day.

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Each day in the Instructor’s Guide shows exactly what to do during the 4-day school week. (You can also choose the 5-day structure if you prefer that.)

If you’re the type of homeschool mama that needs something to be just done and planned for you, you will love this because each and every day for all 36 weeks of school is all sketched out for you. You will have to add in some language arts and math and maybe a little bit of nature study or science and you are good to go!

Each day also provides a list of questions to discuss on the books we’re reading together plus vocabulary to pull from the books as well.

More to Love About Sonlight American History!

I am picky about the books I give my kids to read. Sure, they pick up their fair share of “twaddle,” but you won’t find any of that in this curriculum. It is filled to the brim with wonderful, rich literature that will make so many amazing read aloud memories.

Sonlight not only provides a ton of amazing read alouds in their curriculum, but they also provide a giant stack of books your kiddos will read on their own as well. I love doing this in our history units.

Typically we have one or two books that serve as the “spine” of our study–usually a textbook or great reference book. Then, we have a read aloud going at all times that enriches our study. And on top of those, I pull books off our shelves for the kids that they can read on their own and learn further on their own. This helps them become more independent of their education and I’m not teaching every thing. I love that this is Sonlight’s approach as well!

Last, I love that Sonlight teaches history from a varied amount of perspectives. They pull rich literature from settler’s writings to Native Americans and more. I love that!

Check out my Sonlight Review Video:

I am a visual person! I need to see the inside of a curriculum before I say YES! If that describes you too, this is going to be a helpful video for you. Check it out!

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