Handmade Giving: Christmas Bags

Hey everybody, meet Melissa aka: Ms. Sew & So.  She’s my friend from down under, lover of simplicity and linen, and owner of a beautiful home near the beach.  She has been posting some lovely Christmas projects over on her blog lately and I’m especially loving this one and this one.  I’m so glad she’s joining us here on the Handmade Giving series…

Good morning from my little place by the Sea.

I am so, so happy to be here crafting with you all, and our gorgeous host Alicia.

Handmade Giving…my favourite kind of giving…

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Don’t you just love the lead up to Christmas, and all that love you can throw on those around you.

I truly believe Christmas is the time to *get your crafty soul out*, and to make and create, for those who you are blessed to have in your days.

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So…I’d love to share with you a super simple little project, that makes the humblest of gifts just a little bit more special.

This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who has everything…
or the kids school teacher…
or the lovely neighbour over the back fence…
or even the *kris kringle* you pulled outa the santa’s hat…

Handmade Giving~ The bottle of bubbles wrapped with love, friendship and a good whallop of Christmas cheer.

OK…now to create a little lovely to throw those bubbles in…

For this project, I use vintage napkins {found at Goodwill, Oxfam and Red Cross stores}, or a  good old painter’s *drop cloth* {available at all hardware stores}.

A neutral base allows you to add any colour fabric ribbon or gift tag that you like, or that you may have on hand.

A Christmas Bag for a Bottle of Bubbles How To:

1. Cut your chosen fabric pieces to roughly 45 cms in length and 13 cms wide.

2. Fold the fabric in half longways {right sides together- meaning the sides that will eventually be the outside of the bag, folded inside and together} and pin.

3. About 2/3 of the way down the longest edge, pin any scrap fabric ribbon inside the the fold {as you see below} as this will be a gorgeous tag when the bag is folded right side out again.

4. Sew along the two sides using straight stitch and overlock {zig-zag stitch the edge after straight stitching}. Turn right side out.

5. Iron the bag flat and stuff that bottle of bubbles {or Christmas syrup…or home made sauce} inside and tie, using any and all the lovely string, twine, fabric and rope you can find in your stash.

OK…we are now at the lovely decorating-stamping-making-it-personal part.

I love to use paper doilies, and simple office supply luggage tags, to finish off most of my Christmas wrapping.

The combination is simple, timeless, beautiful and inexpensive…

It takes a bit of thought, and a little creative balance to keep a gift so simple but still so lovely…and for me, that’s what the final touches to any gift are all about.

So gather your doilies, luggage tags and a stamp set about your person, make a cuppa…or pour yourself a little festive drink, and stamp all those special Christmas messages.

I love to have a stash of these at the ready in my wrapping box…any last minute present, or *kris kringle* is ready to go and will always look divine…

Handmade Giving…

Crafting at this time of year is all the more special as you can shower those you are thankful for, those you love, and those you want to make feel a little special…with handmade gifts.
A bottle of anything at this time of year is a lovely gift…but to wrap it in your home-made creativity is perfect.
If you have the time, and that festive drink in hand, make a small pile of these ~ throw them in your wrapping tray with those gorgeously stamped tags and doilies, and sit happy that you are just that little bit more prepared for giving handmade

Thank you sweet Alicia for having me here to share a little moment of Christmas crafting and handmade giving together.
I hope you all love this series, and have the most beautiful and handmade holiday season.
Melissa x


  1. there is just something about red and white…and handmade. supporting the homemade business and the momma's that run them…all good stuff…xo

  2. What a great idea! I would love to have a couple of these on hand for hostess gifts! Or for that embarrassing moment when someone shows up at your door with a gift and you having nothing to give in return. 🙂
    And now that I'm not afraid of my sewing machine I CAN DO THIS! Yahooo!

  3. So happy to be here A….

    This is going to be a great series…
    We've just woken up by the Sea here- so I will now post on my blog and link to yours…

    Happy day to you and yours hon.

    Melissa xx

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