Get Ready, It’s Monday

This weekend was a bit of a bust as far as weekends go.  Friday morning I woke up to the room spinning around me and feeling so queasy, I had to call Jarrod to come home early.  That feeling literally lasted till last night and I still don’t feel quite right, but ready or not, Monday’s here and I gotta bring my game face this week.  There’s stuff to do and Thanksgiving to plan and projects to accomplish.

Besides laying there on the couch all weekend, I let some myself drudge over some stuff that I really need to fake isn’t there.  Maybe I had too much time to think, maybe my hope has been deferred too much (Proverbs 13:12), maybe I was pms-ing, maybe I was spurred on my thoughts of the holidays and memories of last years holidays, I don’t know what it was but it definitely put me in a dizzy, room-spinning, nauseous funk. 

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In a last hope attempt to save my Sunday before Jarrod walked out the door for a business trip, I asked him what I should do to unfunk.  Basically he said to plan my week and make a list.  And you better believe this girlfriend knows how to make herself a list.  I made a list with a million things to do this week, and I wrote them all knowing full well that I won’t accomplish them all but here’s to faking that too.  I also realized something else while I made that list–I need to tape it to my forehead and not look anywhere else but right in front of me.  I can make myself a teeny tiny little box, with me, my kids, my immediate responsibilities in, but other than that I cannot focus on anything else.  Because if my focus goes much farther beyond my inch of breathing room in my box, I’ll take a whole mile, and I know y’all do that too.  Pretty soon I’m looking miles down the road and the space between me and the tiny dot at the end of that mile is full of questions and doubt and unbelief and confusion.  Therefore, the funk.

So here’s to Monday, a new week, an unrealistic to-do list, and a teeny tiny box. 

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  1. Yup. I get it. Sometimes there are days like that. The best news… you won't always feel that way. Head to Target and try and find something fabulous for under $20. Sometimes that can help a bit too. Just saying.

  2. I know what you mean. Moms don't get days off. But when I am struggling, I've found the absolute best medicine is to put on some really upbeat praise music. It just feeds the soul! Give it a try!

  3. I have always said that the
    hardest part of this stay at
    home mom gig is that there
    are no sick days, so I really,
    really feel for you, sweet girl!

    If life is a graph, you are simply
    in one of those dips, which is
    good news, since that little
    line can only go up!

    Be gentle with yourself and
    don't attack that list too hard.

    xo Suzanne

  4. Oh how I can relate to those heart palpitations from looking beyond the day. I have to take a deep breath just typing it. Just read in my devotional this morning about staying in touch with Jesus- even in our busiest (worrisome) moments. Constant conversation with Him.
    Praying for a fabulous and productive week for you my sweet sweet friend!

  5. I'm sorry you where in a funk over the weekend. That is never fun!! Cheers to making lists…I'm about to go make mine for the week and I'm not sure if I have enough paper on my legal pad left. Lol. Happy Monday friend.

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