A Rearrangement

Firstly, thank you so much for your comments and suggestions for Sophia yesterday.  We did not read the comments together yet, I forgot about church night.  But we will today.  Poor thing.  Fear is so hard.  We’re continuing to work on this.  I think it’s going to take some time.
Secondly, my living room.  I’m in constant search of how to find more useful space, fix what’s not working, and create coziness in my home.  Now with four kids, there’s plenty in this house that’s not working, and most of that can’t be solved easily.  But with the living room, there were things I could do. 
Here’s what our living room looked like about a year and a half ago.  The walls look okay in this picture, but in reality they were a light orangey peach.  No.  Also the desk was too big and clunky for the space.
So this summer I painted almost the whole first floor with Ben Moore’s Ashwood.  I love the change.  Also we bought a new IKEA desk this summer and I added the metal table a while back too.  

It looks a little weird with those two chairs beside each other, but that gray dresser was in between them and I really wanted it in the space between the windows.  So I moved it there and waited till I had the time and energy to move everything else.  Also the curtains are missing because they were at the cleaners because they were covered in mouse droppings.  Ya, forreal.  Other than that, it all just felt a little cramped and chaotic.  I wanted to open it up a little.  The other challenge: only one cable hookup.  Vera and I set to the task on Monday while everyone was out of the house.

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It always gets worse before it gets better.  And oh ya, Where’s Waldo?

The first thing I did was move the couch under the big map.  The table makes it stick out a little farther than I’d like, but I can’t change the size of the room.  And its not bad.

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I slid the TV over to the other corner.  To solve that cable hookup problem, I just had Jarrod grab a long cable cord at Best Buy and ran it under the couch and under the rug.  You can kind of see the little bump it makes under the rug, but it doesn’t bother me too much.

So now when you walk in the door, instead of seeing TV cords, you see this….

…ahhh, better.
The chairs are a little lower than the couch, so it makes the room seem more open too. I like that.

The curtains back up to add more softness and looks like someone actually lives here.  Also, if you’re in the market for a desk, I love this one.  I think you might too.  It also comes in white (and maybe black??).  There is so much storage.  This is our “office.” Everything we would need in an office is right there.  So nice.

Ok, one more look:
Rearranging is like an energy drink to a home-lover like me.  It starts a chain reaction of projects and reorganizations.  If you need me, I’ll be alphabetizing the DVDs.


  1. Seeing your living room makes me miss you! I want to be in one of those cozy white chairs sipping coffee with you. I'll be right over.
    LOVE the new arrangement! Fluffing is indeed good for the soul!

  2. Love the change. 🙂 Can you come over and help me paint? Kidding…sort of. 😉 I love rearranging. My husband makes fun of me. I think it's part of the genetic make up of women…it's what we do.

  3. looks beautiful! have always loved your style. i rearranged this week too but ended up putting everything back where it was 🙁 just works better. arrgh small tiny living room! where did you put your cool green bench?

  4. It looks beautiful and cozy! I am always wanting to rearrange things, too, I get itchy for change, especially in a small house.

  5. It looks great! I love rearranging and fluffing. And I love creating little nooks within one room. Vera is getting so big! Such a cutie 🙂

  6. Looks great and I love the view outside your sliding glass door, so pretty. We did a bit of rearranging at our house this week too, it always amazes me how much it can change the way I feel about a space. I hate my living room furniture but I moved it around and I almost like it now!!! 😉

  7. It looks great! I am regularly rearranging the furniture in our house. I don't know how much longer my back can take it though. :O)

  8. Love it, Alicia.

    I get energy from moving furniture, too. Even in our small Chicago apartment, I have figured out about 4 different ways to have the furniture. My husband is very patient. 🙂


  9. Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one that alphabetizes my DVDs. Although they never stay that way for long 🙂 Love Vera just hangin out, watching her mommy take pics. She's so big!

  10. Such a warm and open space! I love the new layout! Rearranging is a favorite way of mine to change things up without spending $$.
    Have a lovely week!

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