First Christmas

Its amazing to me how a baby can go from doing absolutely nothing but laying on a blanket with an occasional coo here and there to all the sudden being mobile…moving from room to room to check things out.  Well, Ms. Vera has moved on from laying nicely on the blanket.  Sister is moving like a sweet little turtle and its almost like you can hear the wheels in her head turning, making mental lists of what things she’s going to do when she can walk/run/speed crawl.  To be honest, I’m pitting out about it…I mopped the floor twice this weekend.  I called an emergency family meeting to reiterate the importance of removing shoes.  I used very graphic examples of why this is important, reasons like public restrooms and dog poop.  I wrote “outlet plugs” on the Target list.  We are moving into a new phase, folks.

This little mover has no idea what is going on with the Christmas tree and the lights and the sugar cookie I gave her on Friday while the other kids decorated (I can’t believe I did that!!).  But I’m doing my best to record this first Christmas of hers.  I have taken pictures, we have bought special gifts.  And I even made a little something special for sister.  When I saw our extra tree stump from our Christmas tree on the counter it hit me: Vera’s First Christmas Ornament!!! I used Noah’s wood burning tool and fixed one right up for her.

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We also needed a stocking for Ms. V.  I looked at Target and there were some cute ones…even some on sale.  But nothing felt right.  A stocking is special.  This is something they’ll have when they’re old, for years and year.  I had stockings made for the boys by this sweet little lady in my town in SD.  I love them. I love how vintage and kitchy they feel.  Then when I was pregnant with Sophie I found the Shabby Chic stockings at Target and I knew that if my baby was a girl, she had to have a Shabby Chic stocking. Had to.  So when I hung up their stockings, it hit me…my girls needed vintage kitchy stockings like the boys had and Vera needed a Shabby Chic stocking too.  So I was on a mission.  I posted this picture on IG asking if anyone knew anyone who made these knit stockings because I was sure the lady who had made mine, didn’t do it anymore.

A few texts and FB messages exchanged and I got reconnected with the lady that made the boys’ stockings and about a week and a half later they were hanging up with the boys’! It means so much that they all have the same stockings handmade my the same sweet lady…all my ducks in a row.  And I still wanted my girls to both have beautiful Shabby Chic stockings too, but Target no longer carries them.  When in doubt, Ebay…I won the sweetest white stocking that was just meant for Vera.  I love seeing them both hanging there beside each other.  Someday I will hang them from the ends of their matching vintage iron beds…maybe I’ll use Ebay to find a matching bed to Sophie too?

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We are so excited for Vera’s first Christmas.  Stockings and “first Christmas” ornaments and special gifts are all in place.  We’re cuddling up our little mover and waiting patiently for the day to come.  I hope you’re ready too and can just sit quietly for a while and enjoy the lights with a cup of coffee.   Happy Christmas, my sweet friends.


  1. i'm SO glad you found someone to make those stockings!!!
    also, did you ever receive your chipboard letters? because i didn't! BOOO!!!

  2. The Stockings are so cute! I still have my Shabby Chic stockings from Target… why oh why don't they still make them? I'm glad you found one on ebay! lifesaver! ๐Ÿ™‚ Merry Christmas!

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