Favorites Lately

This was supposed to be Friday’s post, Friday’s Favorites, but now it’s just Favorites Lately.  I haven’t gotten as much time lately to sit and write with baseball, ballet, school, babies, and all the other stuff that comes with life, but I’ll take what little time I get these days.  So here I am at 10pm with my cup of sleepytime tea.  I think I might just add this moment to my list.  Other than right now, here’s some of my favorites lately:

Baseball games.  This is a double edged sword, an exciting and nail biting new venture that the boys are loving.  But on the other side, its caused many a late night and every game is potential for me to make a fool of myself with my guttural sounds and fist biting.  “Just let his coach tell him, Alicia.” says Jarrod out of the corner of his mouth. 

Ya.  Right.

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The little uniforms and the “Let’s GO, Ja-ack, let’s GO!!” with clapping is too much fun.  And I’m working on a balance of encouragement/cheering/gently correcting/and not falling off the bleachers with mad-crazy-mama cheering.  This is a difficult balance, folks.  But I did notice, that even with the older boys…every single time, those boys looked over at the bleachers to their mamas.  “Did she see me?? Did she see?”  Oh yes, baby.  We saw.  And we’re so freakin’ proud.

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Organized spaces.  I should say: spaces I organized over a week ago that have stayed organized.  Glory! I don’t want to name names, but one of my daughters that is six-years-old, is quite a pack rat.  As in, if there’s an old receipt or a tag from new clothing, its probably stuffed in one of the 12,043 bags in her closet along with 34,875 other receipts and tags that she swiped and stuffed in there.  I pulled out everything from her closet, purged, organized, and put it all back in and it has actually stayed put.  This is what I would call a miracle.  Vera was watching.  She thinks its a miracle too.  And she wanted to put all those receipts in her mouth.

Farm field trips.  We visited a friend of a friend’s farm yesterday and there truly is nothing like the farm in the spring.  Chicks and baby goats…we even saw a chick pecking her way out of the shell.  I mean, come on.  That’s pretty awesome.

The novice seamstress.  So she’s been begging me for a sewing machine and I thought, “hey, just learn on mine, how ’bout that?” So she did.  I sewed up my spring sewing pile of shorts and skirts and she took the scraps, cut them, pieced them together, bound them up, and finished them off into a fabulous mini quilt for her doll friends.  It took all afternoon and she never got tired once.  I see this being the first of many sewing endeavors.  

She wanted to make sure this was going to make the blog.  She was so proud, she wanted everyone to see 🙂

 Spring sewing.  I got all the boys’ shorts out last week, but Sophie had not one pair that still fit her.  I need to buy a few more pair, but I also had a major itch to start sewing again.  Its been too long! I sewed up four pair for her and two for Vera and also a couple of skirts for Sophie.  These all turned out so cute, I’ll have to post them in a fashion show format for y’all.  Super simple sewing is my favorite.  Little effort with a lot of payoff.

The clap.  I mean…the cute baby kind where everything can be solved with the clap.  Did you just tip over that plant and smear dirt all over? Vigorous clapping.  Did you just rip a page out of that library book? More vigorous clapping. Are you eating paper again? Yep.  More clapping.  Favorite.

April Fools.  So supposedly, these twerps sat up planning this, but he was so cute doing it and he got me so good, it was still a favorite.  The stinker put lemon juice in my morning coffee when I was so oblivious.  They laughed all day.  April Fools.  Favorite.

Happy day, friends.


  1. I LOVE your list hon!!

    And Sophie- that mini sweet quilt was MORE than blog worthy!!

    Seriously cute shorts…those buttons!!

    AND there is NOTHING like Vera's baby clapping is there- sooo proud of themselves whilst clutching that plant and covered in dirt clapping wildly!!

    Emailing you now!
    Hugs x

  2. Can't believe she's sewing. That right there is amazing! I can seriously see your face as you tried your coffee. I'm sure anger never occurred to you. You're such a good momma. And that farm… Sigh. Someday right?!?

  3. Tell Sophie her quilt looks great! And those shorts are SO CUTE! You should totally sell those in your shop. I would buy some 🙂 Or sell the pattern 🙂

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