Putting our Halloween costumes together is one of my favorite mom things to do. Halloween costume talks start in early September at our house. We’ve done a variety of costumes–store bought, hand sewn, grandma sewn, and pieced things together from around the house. Our favorite costumes are usually the easy Halloween costumes. Simple and sweet.

So, if you’re finding yourself stressed about Halloween costumes with less than a week to go, the Target costume aisle is looking bleak, let me help a mama out. We brainstormed during our morning meeting and scoured our closets and dress-up bin and our storage cupboards for ten easy Halloween costumes you can put together in about ten minutes flat.

Need some quick and easy Halloween costume ideas? Here's ten you can create in ten minutes or less!

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Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

You might be surprised what the clothes you already have in your closet can create!

Quick hippie halloween costume plus 9 more you can create in 10 minutes or less.

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She’s obviously loving this one. The sunglasses were not her favorite. But other than the hysteria, I love this costume! Dress: Alice and Ames


You could create a band of gypsies and have all your kids dress similarly. We love doing group costumes! Transform your wagon into a gypsy wagon with a roll of brown paper and Sharpies–how fun would that be!?

halloween-4 halloween-5 halloween-6 halloween-7 halloween-8 halloween-9

Dalmatian puppy hanging out in your basket of stuffed animals? Carry that around for a prop. Also, a painted wooden dowel would make a fantastic fancy cigarette holder, too! We used a white hair spray paint from the costume area at Target, but it didn’t work all that well. I think a spritz of hair spray and a douse of baby powder might get better results.



I made her maid’s hat in about five minutes with a cheap headband, construction paper and hot glue gun.

A feather duster would be a great prop for this costume if you have one! Notice I never changed her dress at all. A simple black dress can be so many great costumes!

We’re going as a group of hippies this year, but with this photo shoot, we might have piqued some interest in a whole lot of costume ideas! Happy Halloween!



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