20 of the Best Tools You’ll Want for Your Early Reader

Finding the right early reader tools is key to teaching kids how to read. Maybe a good dose of patience too ๐Ÿ™‚

Teaching my kids to read has been one of the most tricky things but also the most beautiful things in our homeschool.

This post will lay out the top 20 tools for early readers–some of these we’ve used in our own homeschool and some come highly recommended from my homeschool friends.

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Read on for the best early reader tools!

Teaching your child to read can be tricky, but here is a tried and true list of early reader tools your kids will adore!

Our Top 20 Early Reader Tools

This is a big list of really helpful resources, but I wouldn’t ever recommend using them all at one time. Kids all learn differently. Sometimes they’re really eager to learn how to read. Sometimes they’re not at all interested. And sometimes they’re somewhere in between.

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When their interest starts to ebb, pull back a little bit. Sometimes time is the best teaching tool. There are times when we need to help push our kids forward and spur them on, but there are many times when we’re pushing for our own interests and we need to pull back. Reading is one of those times where we can definitely push way too hard. Find what works and stick with it and sprinkle in newer resources where needed.

Let’s check out the tools:

Early Reader Tools To Try:

  1. Hooked on Phonics Early Readers Kit // This how I taught my kids to read. It’s a complete curriculum that is perfect for all types of learners.
  2. Teach Your Child to Read // This is a full curriculum that just contains this one book. If you’re looking for lots of hands-on manipulatives, this is not it. But it’s very straight-forward and easy for mom to use.
  3. Explode the Code Phonics Book // We’ve used these tons from about K-3rd grade until phonics skills are solidified.
  4. Sight Words Flash Cards // These are my favorite flashcards for my kids. They’re super sturdy and come with a sturdy box too.
  5. Reproducible Sight Word Mini-Books // A fun “extra” to add in for your hands-on kiddo.
  6. Frog and Toad Collection Boxed Set // Classic first readers. Vera’s favorite!
  7. Beginning Reader Bob Books // I have used these with all my kids. They’re so simple but super effective.
  8. Bob Books Early Reader Kit // If you want to kick the Bob Books up a notch–great stuff included!
  9. Beginning Reader Workbook // If you have a workbook lover, this is a great option!
  10. Zingo Reading Game // This is so fun! Wish I would have had it for all my kids!
  11. Sequence: Letters Board Game // If your kids love games, this is perfect!!
  12. Magnetic Alphabet Set // Great for early readers and letter recognition.
  13. ABC Practice Board // Perfect for learning lettering.
  14. Pop Rhyming Game // Another really great little game for practicing reading.
  15. Daily Phonics Workbook // If your child loves workbooks, this is a good choice. Monday through Friday format and short lessons.
  16. Super Genius Card Game // This is like Spot-It for learning to read. This was one game that didn’t make Vera cry. Ha!!
  17. Reading Blocks // Another great hands-on addition for your kinesthetic child.
  18. Phonics Pathways Curriculum // This curriculum comes HIGHLY recommended from lots of friends.
  19. Epic Digital Reading // This is like a streaming app for books. A good deal and TONS of book options!
  20. Hooked on Phonics Subscription // We have used this during certain times we needed to change things up or if we were traveling and LOVE IT!

Have so much fun teaching your little person to read! It has been one of my biggest joys of homeschooling!

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