Want an Awesome Phonics App Your Kids Will Adore?

We’re all spending a lot of time online lately. With distance learning and new homeschoolers, we’re all just trying to find our footing. SO, if you have been looking for something that’s actually educational and not just fluff–I have a phonics app I think you will love.

In this post I’ll share with you about HOMER reading and phonics app, why we’re loving it, and why you might love it too–even if you’re not in love with screens like me!

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Looking for a phonics app this is proven to improve reading skills? Check out this review on HOMER reading and phonics app!

A New Favorite Phonics App: HOMER Reading

Let me just be clear from the get-go, I’m not a huge “screen mom. My kids don’t get their own phones at a young age, I don’t know all the latest and greatest apps, and don’t even get me started about kids and social media.

Here’s the thing though: sometimes, with the right type of tech, it can be a beautiful thing that makes life easier rather than harder! This is where I introduce the HOMER reading and phonics app and how it’s made my life easier.

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What We Love About this Phonics App

  • Your child is able to customize his or her time with their interests. They pick the themes and stories they’ll be working on. I think a lot of the problem with the phonics curriculum is that they’re BORED over it! Being able to choose and customize is such fun!
  • They aren’t intimidated by the “level.”
    • A lot of kids can start to feel “behind,” even if we try to keep those level numbers out of sight. With HOMER, you create a personalized reading plan that is perfect for your child. She won’t feel behind again!
  • I love the long-term vision of this company. Not only is their aim to help kids to read and read fluently, they are working to foster a love of learning, which starts with reading well! Yes to that!

What Would You Want a Phonics App for if You’re Not a Big Screen-Loving Mama?

As I said, I don’t love my kids to be on screens all that much. But again, when you have really good tools, like HOMER, I feel MUCH better about allowing screen time.

If you feel like I do about screens, here are a few reasons why you might love HOMER anyway:

  • Teaching multiple ages is tough! Sometimes the juggle between lunch and 9th grade algebra and 7th grade grammar and answering the front door is just–a lot! In between subjects, when I’m helping the big kids, I am totally happy letting Vera use HOMER for 15 minutes at a time or so. Makes good use of that in-between time.
  • Car time! When you’re driving to piano to church activities to pick up the dry cleaning, it’s nice to be able to make good use of that car time too. When we’re going on short car trips, I love to let Vera have some HOMER time.
  • It’s time well-spent. A lot of so-called learning apps are filled with ads, loud, flashing pictures, and not a lot of content. HOMER is proven to improve reading skills by 74%. I noticed an improvement in Vera’s reading after using HOME two times!
  • HOMER is SAFE! Nothing is more exhausting than constantly looking over your child’s shoulder to make sure they’re not finding a loophole in the WiFi filter or scrolling YouTube. There are no sleazy ads, no interaction with other people, and no worries with this app.

Try HOMER Reading for Free!

Want to try HOMER? You can try HOMER for 30-days for FREE! If you love it and want to keep going, you can get an entire year-long subscription for $45, over 60% off the usual price. Learn more and grab your FREE Trial here!

Looking for a phonics app this is proven to improve reading skills? Check out this review on HOMER reading and phonics app!

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