Dear Ms. March,

I wasn’t planning on this post, but in honor of impulsivity, I’m goin’ with it.  The fresh number ONE on my calendar today is making me both reflective and  forward-thinking at the same time.  I’m glancing ahead at my March calendar and its making me feel a little twitchy.  The last two months, I have felt so focused, but there wasn’t too much out of our normal routine, allowing me to fall into this great balance of home, routine, and school. All the filled-in squares of this month give me a slight panic that that beautiful balance will teeter too much.
But before I let myself get too out of whack, I listed it all out in my journal.  All the things that are going to make me busy this month.  And guess what? I wouldn’t remove one of them.  Its all good stuff.  Really good stuff.  With every dotted “i” and crossed “t,” my mind was made up for me.  This month is full to the brim, but I’m going to enjoy it all, drink it all in and soak it all up.  

Instead of being overwhelmed with two boys starting baseball, I will tote my camera to games and freeze time with photos of them in their cute pants and be thankful the field is only a mile from my house.  Instead of being panicked that I have guests coming and a full month of school planned with no time for a good cleaning, I will skip a math lesson or two and hire help to get my house in order before they arrive.  I will plan fun things to do with family we don’t see often and stock up on coffee to cure tiredness from late night conversations.  I will fully employ my crockpot this month and buy multiple rotisserie chickens from the grocer’s.  I’ll get teary watching my girl pose for her ballet photos and watching my boy bridge from a Cub Scout to a Boy Scout.  I will carve out hours here and there to mix up fairy dust and create sparkly wands for the best 6-year-old fairy party you ever did see.  I will do one task at a time.  I will rock my baby to sleep and not think about anything else.  

I’ll do all this and be grateful for a full life instead of letting my calendar tell me how to feel.  So yes, welcome, Ms. March.  I am ready for you.  I already know you’re going to be one of my favorites this year.

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  1. So fun to see you back on here! YAY!
    Filled calendars stress this mama right out- I love the way you're approaching your extra full month! I especially love the delegating (yay for help on house cleaning!) and the grace.
    Also, can't wait to see the fairy party. Love.

  2. YES! March is yours! Love the refreshed, joyful tones. Hope you and those sweet ones you call family are all doing well. (Happy you're back!) 🙂

  3. I can't even tell you how excited I was to visit and see your new posts! I've definitely missed you 🙂 I've been the opposite from you – January & February were so full of birthdays, visits to family and early morning Upward games. We're breathing a sigh of relief. I would seriously come help you if I could…

  4. So glad that you are back! I have missed reading about your adventures in Mommyhood and all of your wonderfully creative ideas for homeschooling. Enjoy your month!

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