Dear Baby,

Today is the day. Well, in my mind it is. The day we’ve been counting down to for months. The day that’s lead to over 9 months of waiting, but has felt like 2. The day that’s been circled in RED on the calendar for months. We are ready. As ready as we can be…take it easy on this mama, ok??

I’m sure you’ve sensed some stress in that incubator you’ve been in. You were right…mama’s been stressed. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride these last 9 months…I’m sure you’ve felt the brunt of it. We’ve been waiting for answers. Wanting them to come so badly, mostly for you. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’m pretty sure you’re not going to care one bit where we live, whether its temporary or our own, what kind of nursery you have, what city we’re in.  I’m certain that all those life details won’t mean anything to you. I know all you’re going to need is a family ready to welcome and love you, a bottle, and a warm bed…and you’ll have all those things.

Your brothers and sister have been counting down the days.  They’ve been asking so many questions and preparing themselves for another brother or sister. Jack had been asking for you for months prior to finding out you were coming. Sophia is more than ready to be a big sister. And Noah is pretty much the best big brother I’ve ever seen. You’ll be in good hands.

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We are ready.

What are you??
When will you come?? (you know it’s your due date today, right??)
How big will you be??
What will you look like??

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We have so many questions still in our life, but the one thing we know is…we are so ready for you. I know the details of our life will fall into place and with you here, we’ll be able to change our focus from the unknowns to the knowns: you and us, our new family.

Come soon. I can’t wait to meet you. (and the kids’ countdown now says ZERO and they take these things quite seriously…also, they’re asking me every five minutes when you’re coming…so please do.)



  1. How exciting to not know the gender! I've always wanted to do that and never have. Maybe if we have #5 we'll do that!!

  2. Sooooo beautiful…my heart actually leapt….skipped a beat whilst reading this….
    that beautiful baby will come…you will be blessed and we will hear and feel your love for your family…

    from one devoted…loving…engaging…happy mamma to another..I'm thinking of your sweet…you'll do good and make those other kiddos love you just that little bit more for bringing another baby into their lives….

    Melissa xx

  3. This is beautiful, and your mobile is the most darling thing ive seen. Hope all goes well, baby will be here soon–get a good night sleep!! My favorite bit of two cents;)

  4. I am so excited I can't stand it! Can't wait to see that little baby. so so excited for you. The waiting game is always the best part! xo

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