She’s Got This

If there was one of my children I was apprehensive about accepting a new brother or sister, it was Sophia…in the beginning. But now? Ya, now I’m pretty much comfortable with the fact that sister’s got this. GOT this. 
Her little mind is always in overdrive, asking questions, thinking 10 steps ahead, planning out the details…but with this baby, her little mind is in SUPER overdrive. She wants to know EVERYTHING!!!!!!
She wants to know where the baby will sleep, 
where it will eat, 
what reasons it will cry, 
how to change it’s diaper….

…in Target, she spotted the breast pumps…or “fancy bottles”. She wanted to know what they were and why you’d need them. And NO, Cliff’s Notes version of explanation would NOT do.

She of course wants to know how the baby gets out…and I told her. We talked about it for a good five-ten minutes, she got bored and asked for a snack. She has since informed us that she’s very ready and old enough to be IN the delivery room. #umNO

She wants to know about the special fat Q-tips and what they’re doing on the baby’s table.
Why will the baby have a weird belly button for a while?
Why? What? How?

The questions keep coming….and coming.

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But I don’t mind. I actually love it. Boys just don’t care about these details, but she does. There are some things boys (and men) would rather be left in the dark about. But she wants a head lamp and a super-watt flashlight in each hand to examine this new thing called BIG SISTERHOOD.  
I cannot wait to see her in action. 
She’s going to be amazing.
She’s so totally got this thing…

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  1. Sophia is the most precious thing ever! I can just hear her sweet voice asking all those questions. She is going to be the best helper ever!
    Love you friend! I am trying my hardest to not text you every hour to see if you felt any jabs of labor yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh what a convasation to have overheard in Target. lol– I bet shes counting down the you. Maybe for different reasons though. lol

  3. I love that… I wish I had one more just so I could watch Ava be a big sister. She would have been so sweet. But then she's got all these baby nieces and she's rocking that job so I guess we're good.

    Plus I can't imagine being prego at age 37 1/2. Yikes.

    Go girl!! I better get a text when baby arrives too!!

  4. I often think about what a good big sis, my Brooke would be. You are so right when you say, men and boys would rather be left in the dark about the details. i think that is why i love having a girl, at least someone gets it! Praying for you!

  5. What a darling, wise little girl. And, in just a little bit she gets to add Big Sister to her list of talents. SO excited for you all!

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