Come Over If You’re Crazy Enough

Good afternoon and welcome to the crazy house. You’re brave souls for stopping by today.
Well, I’d love to share….
I started this crazy diet today and its making me so nervous, I’ve started a nervous neck-scratching thing. But its a 30-day challenge and I’m kind of a competitive person when it comes to challenges, even if its against myself. So that’s where I’m at with that.
Also, I was preparing my super-healthy breakfast this morning and I am 99% certain a cockroach (yes, you read that right) cockroach ran from under the oven to under the dishwasher. I cried. I’m not gonna lie. Burst into bloody tears right there.
Also, Jarrod’s car is having some major major issues so he took my car today, leaving me stranded at Roach House with no sugar intake allowed. (dearjesushelpme)
Also, I had a run in with the HOA president today and I almost had to punch someone’s face. I still might…its very up in the air right now.
Also, my landlord is not returning my calls about the cockroach OR the HOA-punching-in-the-face situation.
But anyway…welcome…and thanks for coming to coffee!!!!!!!!
I’m taking my coffee black with almond milk, because half and half is prohibited on my 30-day challenge. Yay!!!!!
Let’s change the subject.

Let’s blow bubbles.

And then go wash your hands (because admit it, bubbles make them feel gross) and look at my hydrangeas.

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Now let’s go in the living room and look at my new lamps. Nice right? 15 bucks a piece at Tar-jay.
Nah, I still don’t feel better.

You better go.

Its not a good time for me.
(linking up with Amy for virtual coffee today)
update: the landlord just called me back. we are working on these issues together. I think he is afraid of me. (and rightfully so)

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  1. I wished you picked me up a lamp I got the same one but it was the last one..I love them though:) we started eating little to no processed food at the beginning of the summer. It's a demanding change up but excellent outcomes, like my kids not asking for snax every 35 minutes. Enjoy your cafe mix up..I love almond milk.!!

  2. Oh my, this does not sound good. Hopefully, the roach was not a roach. While I was on vacation there was a palmetto bug in my hotel room one night…apparently this is similar to a roach. I serious thought I was going to lose it. The thing was HUGE!! Good luck with your 30-day challenge…I hope tomorrow is better for you. xo

  3. Girl, if anyone can handle all that craziness it's you. Here are some thoughts:
    1. I'm so glad you're doing your no sugar thing this summer and not last.
    2. I think you're a rock star and I know you will be successful with your 30 day challenge.
    3. If you need my muscles for the HOA I got your back girl.
    4. I love seeing Jarrod feeding Vera- precious!
    5. Your new lamps are perfection
    6. Maybe it wasn't a roach but rather a big beetle? (I would cry too)
    7.I miss you
    8. We need to squeeze in an adventure for 2013
    9. We need to chat today
    10. Yes, I was trying really hard to get to number 10

    LOVE you! I know today is going to be a MUCH brighter day!!

  4. the lamps are awesome….thank you target once again!

    I'd have coffee with you today, and we could cry a river together. I would NOT be having mine with almond milk, though. Trader Joes Vanilla creamer or BUST. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing how the 30 day challenge goes…..YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. Your lamps and humor have cheered me up! I too am attempting to exercise daily. I gave up creamer 2 weeks ago. I am going to have it today. Yes, I am cheating. I don't care. I am miserable. I will run an extra mile or do some extra laundry. Your sweet hydrangea is so cheerful. I'd still come for a visit. I am your yes I can kill a bug friend.

  6. Big day at your girl!!
    Sure it wasn't a roach- just to give you some sorta hope from really far away!!
    Was going to say pop over to mine for Virtual coffee- but I posted real big mugs of coffee served with big fat ol' American pancakes-you won't thank me for it….
    Tomorrow is another day!
    Melissa x

  7. oh girl, i'm so sorry you're going through all of this 🙁 on some days it just feels like its never-ending.
    i love your humor and way of making light of these situations.

    Sending you prayers and lots of virtual hugs. tomorrow is a fresh new day. xoxo

  8. Hahaha! I've just recently started following you and I end up smiling a lot as I read, which is always a good thing. 🙂 Thanks for the laughs!

  9. i'm a little scared… i think i will just put my coffee in a to-go cup and RUN while i still can! and i'm not so much afraid of the roaches as i am of you with no sugar and roaches : ) hope he gets that taken care of ASAP!

  10. Sorry about the roaches; but glad your landlord has a healthy dose of fear for the sugar-deprived, carless Mama!
    Hope you have a lovely 4th with the family!

  11. Do I know this said landlord? Did he once threaten you and I…and our children…while your lovely hubby left us stranded to deal with that madman? Now my blood pressure is skyrocketing for you!

    I wish it was another repeat of last year's 4th. Miss you guys.

  12. Are you doing the Whole30? They have really good resources online to help get through the sugar withdrawal/ "kill all things stage".

    And I cried when I found a mouse turd in my house last winter so crying over a cockroach seems perfectly acceptable!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

  13. LOL!! I'm not laughing at you, but with you. When I have days like yours, I remember the line from some song or saying that goes, "Momma said, there'd be days like this, my momma said!" All ya can do is go on, with going on! And your landlord would be crazy if he wasn't afraid of you. You're the momma of 4 babies!! 😉

  14. I love the lamps and flowers and I'm so sorry about the roach! One lives in our garage and we can't seem to get rid of it. YUCK! I hope you can work out the issues with HOA. I really don't like HOA, myself. If it weren't for HOA, our front door would be red or any other color besides blah beige. Good luck with the no sugar thing. I can't imagine!

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