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Have you ever had this visual?

Pause everything, like the Sleeping Beauty effect. But you’re like the three fairy ladies that get to stay up and be productive? That’s the fantasy I’ve been dreaming about for about a month. August was a whirlwind and while the majority of the things that were on my August list are crossed off, it’s left me feeling like I need to pause everybody else while I fly around, uninterrupted, to settle the dust, clean and organize all the things, and put my feet up for a bit.

Homeschool planning is so individual but it's great to see how other people manage the chaos of planning their homeschool year. In this big ol' post of homeschool planning, I'll share what resources we'll be using this year, books we're planning on reading and how to manage changing schedules.

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Balancing the crazy with the calm

Summer wasn’t all a whirlwind though. There were lots of books read, lots of lake days, lots of visits with friends. The boys played baseball, I traveled to Ohio to the Brave Writer Retreat, we went to concerts, and visited family.

I’ve realized something about our family. The only way we really thrive is when we balance the crazy with the calm. If we’re home too much with nothing much to look forward to on the calendar, we seem to get stir crazy and crabby with one another. The same goes if we’re too busy. We crave that home-time. 068 044

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All the summer reads

The books in our house this summer abounded! I was really happy about this. I read a ton. Do you follow me on Good Reads? I love it for keeping track of what I’m reading.

Noah read a lot too.

Jack discovered the Percy Jackson series and I haven’t seem him since.

Sophia kept up with her book club with her little girlfriends and the kids and I also read a lot together too.

My laid-back summer planning

This year looked really different for my as far as homeschool planning goes. I normally take a weekend or a whole series of days to planplanplan. But this year wasn’t like that. It looked more like this:

  • Lots of planning in my head and reviewing things from last year (also in my head)
  • Lots of listening to webinars and
  • Building a book list and
  • planning activities and
  • Figuring out a course of study for each kid
  • organizing organizing and more organizing
  • ordering (not much)
  • working out a routine225

Every year, I put together a plan here on the blog too, because seeing what other people are doing can be inspiring and homeschool mamas eat this stuff up! Oh how we love it! What makes this the SUPER DUPER PLANNING POST? This is basically five posts I’ve been sloshing around in my head that need to get out. Keep clicking for all the plans. (I’ll be adding to this over the next couple days!)

Building a Book List 

Homeschooling High School: Our 9th Grade Resources

Elementary Homeschool Resources: 3rd and 5th Grade

Seasonal Planning for Our Busy Weeks


  1. Thank you for sharing your home school plan and the books you and the children read. Have a good school year.

  2. Can’t wait to watch your plans come together here – you’re right, we love this stuff!

  3. I wish I had taken an extra month this year before starting! It’s all felt like a whirlwind since we started and a bit rushed and crazy. I am trying to slow things WAY down now and just be present in our imperfection. Thank you for sharing your resources! Some of those books look wonderful!

  4. I love, love glimpses into what other homeschool mamas are doing. It inspires me for the years ahead and makes me feel not alone in my crazy dreaming.

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