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Homeschool resources for elementary….well, I just sprained my pinkie finger typing that title. No wonder I’ve developed ADHD this last year (self-diagnosed, but still…). There’s something about buying one kid new razors and another kid training pants that will make you feel batsh*t crazy.

I just typed batsh*t in a homeschool resource post. 

This summer’s end didn’t bring on it’s normal jubilation for new math books, but I’m slowly picking up excitement steam. We’re changing some things up this year and that is always really good. Keep it fresh. Keep it fun.

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Homeschool resources for elementary grades 3 and 5


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Language arts resources

Math + Logic resources

History and Science resources

Other cool stuff we’re doing

We’re starting out super slow this year and I like it like that. My tendency is to dive into the new year full bore and lose steam in about week four. We’re just starting week three and I’m excited to be adding a few more of the above things to our slow start. What about you!?

What does your elementary resource list look like?

Do we have any of the same things?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing what you do! I just bought the Usborne Write Your Own Adventure Book you suggested, it looks great! For my 3rd grade daughter we are starting sequential spelling, continuing with reading good literature and narration, continuing Teaching Textbooks Math 4 (which she loves!), finishing Burgess Animal Book study (which I supplement with coordinating coloring pages and sewing projects) and starting the Burgess Bird Book next, doing the SCM Pond Study Companion, nature visits and journaling, for history we are starting with Vikings and studying the Middle Ages and Renaissance using living books from the library and projects from Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself, and weekly artist study, poetry from Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Oak Meadow Beginner/Intermediate Recorder. I am working on having a good mix between activities we do together like spelling and read aloud, with independent lessons like math this year.
    We are are on week 2 and so far so good!

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