Every May it happens.The fliers for camps and summer leagues start coming. You’re trying to focus on the end of this school year, but all the sudden you have to think about fall and signing up for all the activities for next year when you haven’t even finished this year yet. It makes me cringe every year and this year it seems worse because more than ever I don’t want to leave my house. If that sounds hermit-ish, it means to be. Hermit with a side of newborn and you’ve got yourself a case of eternal hermit introvertess.

We are almost done with school. The kids are doing great at working independently if I’m with the baby and then we go back and work on any problems they had later. We got done with all our really hands-on subjects before Vera was born so now we just have math and language for the rest of the month. 
Other than school though, we’re moving this summer (more on that later) so I’m thinking about packing and house projects. Jarrod is going to be out of town for work off and on for the next month and a half. We have guests coming…my sister got here last night (she’s sleeping off her jet lag ;)).
I hate that feeling where you know you have a lot going on and you want to let it all just roll off your back, but the more you think about things rolling off your back the more stressful you seem to get. I think I do better writing things down and thinking things through than just simply going with the flow.

So here’s what I’m doing to try to make life less crazy right now:
-eliminating anything that isn’t completely necessary…field trips, extra running, extra errands…all nixed
-each kid gets to choose one activity this summer…they’ve each picked a camp and I’ll have Jarrod drive them to and from for the most part. There’s just tooooooo much to do in the summertime and really?? I’m sure its all good and fun, but we’re just not gonna do it.
-I’m calling a moving company to see about having someone else pack my house when we move. This isn’t a company move so we are paying for it all ourselves. I’d like to use as much $$ as we can on house projects instead of the actual moving part, but there’s also something to say about general sanity as well. 
-I’m reserving one day for errands, sans kids. On Sunday I went and got groceries by myself and its just sooo much easier without everyone with me. Duh.
-Some of the peeps coming to stay have offered to stay in a hotel, and I’m taking them up on it. I love to have friends and family stay and I want them to see our new little girlie but there’s also something to say about the ease of not worrying about the pee on the bathroom seat in the kids’ bathroom, ya know??

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So this week, my sister and I are sitting around the house with all our combined FIVE children, drinking coffee, and doing not much more than chilling out. We’re going to let the kids play outside and ride scooters. We’re going to do some fun photos with the kiddies. Sophie’s dance recital is this weekend and the boys have their awards ceremony for Boy Scouts tonight. We’re so excited that Auntie will be here for these highlights! Sometimes the best visits are the ones with nothing planned…
So what’s your remedy for busyness when the last thing you want is busyness? What do you do??

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  1. Girl if I could come and see you I would do it in a heartbeat. And I would totally stay in a hotel. I need a day of nothing. Maybe tomorrow. No..I have too much to do to have a day of nothing. Ha! Love this growing family of yours!!

  2. Oh Alicia, those girls of yours together! Those eyes! Those sweet lips! Wow. So beautiful and precious. Paying for packing would be tempting…anxious for details about the move…so happy you're getting some sister time! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love, cailan

  3. life is way toooo busy. today i seriously did nothing and it was bliss, BUT when i do nothing i feel guilty or something. it's weird. i'm ready to hack it all and just be. life is way too short to be a blur.

  4. Right now my life is absurd busy. I cry and pray. And repeat. I work every single day – either editing pictures or taking them whether a session or a wedding – and then there's all the normal house/family/taking care of my kids 24-7 stuff. Thankfully, it's just a season. Once July comes I will have the month off (well kinda, Kelly is traveling internationally for missions that month, but still, no photog stuff!). I have to take it one day at a time and eliminate the extras, like you. I love your ideas and your willingness to let guests stay elsewhere. It's worth it, for you right now! You're doing well, mama of 4!

  5. Love the pics with your kiddos and your hair is super cute. Moving is a bear get all the help you can you deserve it busy but exciting.

  6. We used to be so very busy with dance, gymnastics, soccer and karate. My inner-hermit was going crazy with all the driving and time spent in the car. We said no to all of it last year and we have all been enjoying our hermit status at home having our own adventures in our backyard and getting to know each other better and growing closer together as a family.

  7. Beautiful pictures of your sweet family.

    I hear you with the crazy schedules. This summer want to enjoy each day and not worry about having to be someplace. My son plays comp soccer and that takes up a lot of our weekends so I want our week days few.

    Enjoy time with your family.

  8. I admire you for this and it also makes me feel a bit less guilty about not having any extracurricular activities in our schedule ๐Ÿ™‚ we were on a tight tight budget and so activities just fell to the bottom of the list-and I love it!
    Ps-such a beautiful family and you are gorgeous!!!

  9. I hear you on the newborn/hermit combo!!! And I never thought I would ever be a homebody.

    I went through a similar season and I'm still glad I weeded things out. Basically, I just did what you did…Fixed proorities, said no where I could and should, simplified my time, and voila! Life was a lot less stressful.

    Can't wait to hear more about your move!

    Enjoy a laid back visit with your sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. First of all….look at YOU!!! You are looking awesome, just weeks after Baby V!! Love seeing you with your kiddos! Second, when I have a lot going on…I tend to get REALLY lazy and procrastinate, then I get this rush of motivation and energy and kick butt on my to-do list, then take a week or two to recover. I would not recommended this strategy though. I tend to be a bit of a hermit lately too, I just hate being rushed around from one activity to the next. Third, get the movers to pack your stuff. That is how we always move, of course the hubby's company pays for it, but i know you can do partial packs too…like only choosing certain rooms, so maybe that could be helpful, if the whole shebang turns out to cost an arm and a leg. Have a fun visit with your sister!


  11. i totally and completely revert and never leave the house.
    i stay home…hermit like and it's all good.
    i'm not a huge extra curricular girl, either.
    it would just be too nutso with four.
    the girls do piano lessons and they go to a camp for the summer for a week and that's about all.
    i just cannot run around all the time.
    it's just not worth it to me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i like your ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Be. Still. My. Heart.
    Those pictures are absolutely precious! Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day my dear friend!

    So happy your sister is there! I love relaxed visits!

    It sounds like you're making very wise decisions concerning your sanity. ๐Ÿ™‚ And you KNOW I'm on the same page as you with the 'anti-busy'.

    Love you!

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