all the things we did

My parents left on Monday afternoon.

They were here for 11.5 days but it felt like 2.

I took about 10 photos the whole time and the time raced by. But here’s what we did.

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Up first was Floyd Fest. Jarrod, my dad and I. We saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Brandi Carlile. You know I love me a good Brandi concert. See here and here.
It was so muddy. It had rained all day. Luckily it stopped before we got there, but we were left with this mess: 

We took Noah to camp where he camp back three years older after four days. How did that happen??

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We picked blueberries.
We did yardwork.
Mom and Dad took Jack and Sophie for a few days to Tennessee while Noah was at camp.
We ate out.
They survived the last few days of our Whole30 Challenge with us. Now they’re going to try it. We made them believers 🙂
We danced in the street.

Just keepin’ it real here. >>>

We hiked, we grilled, we played yard games. We shopped. We shuffled around downtown.

It was good.
Its always fun while they’re here and sad when they go.
But I also feel like we are craving some structure.
I feel like we have been out of school for years. A regular schedule is going to come like steam train sooner than I’m going to be ready for. I have done nothing to get ready for school. EEK! Mom and Dad’s visit sort of felt like our last big hurrah before we need to start thinking about the upcoming school year.
Does it feel like fall is coming to you too?
Are you ready?



  1. so glad you had a great visit with them….
    your mom is beautiful…and I love her style!

    we started school last friday, so it definitely feels like we're in structure mode. kind of glad.

    why is your sweet girl crying in the one picture? 🙁

  2. I am definitely not ready to start school! I look at the piles of books, that were just delivered this week, and the 30 file folder games that need to be assembled, and wonder, "How on earth are we going to start in a week?"it will be chaos, but the structure will be so worth it! Girls busy doing schoolwork=less fighting I have to listen to! 🙂

  3. Fun times! Just had my mom here for awhile to help with the kids after having the new baby. Sad to see her go too! I want her to live here…or at least next door…and make me coffee and breakfast every morning. Love my mom.
    I'm also finding that I'm starting to crave structure. Soon summer will be over and school will resume. Trying to enjoy these last few weeks, but looking forward to the school year!

  4. I am just wondering if your mom could consider adopting me? These pictures made me smile. LOVE THEM! and yes it feels like fall. I am READY. Armed with pumpkin spice hot chocolate and candles and everything. Soon I will start decorating and get serious about school planning. We can do it! 🙂

  5. what fun
    what bliss
    to dance in the street

    muddy boots
    and crying girlies
    none the less

    i. am. not. ready.

    at all!

    still ordering books
    and have yet to crack one open

    very soon.


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