A Boys’ View on Babies

There’s no hidden secret that this baby coming in a few shorts days was somewhat of a surprise to us.  We had been so on the fence…should we have another baby? should we not?? And the answer came in a resounding YES one day in August last year. Jarrod and I sweated it out for a few days, thinking about all the changes and all we had to do to get ready.  But then came the calm, where we knew our answer to our BIG question we’d had for months was neatly laid in our laps…or my uterus, and we knew it was just as it was supposed to be. 

We told our kids when we vacationed in the Outer Banks last summer with our friends. You can read about that memorable dinner HERE. I had thought about how the kids would react and I was surprised by some of their responses and not so surprised by others.

My boys are very different. They are pretty much besties, but they are still very different.

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Noah is the thinker.

He worries.

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He bites his lips and wrings his hands when he’s deep in thought about something.

He takes on everyone’s problems.

He has a HUGE heart.

At first he was offended that we hadn’t told him RIGHT at the second we knew we were expecting.
“How long have you known about this??” He’s taken some time to get used to the idea of a new baby. He can’t quite picture it yet. I see him eying my belly sometimes, apprehensive.

It’s ok though. He’s cautious.

The thing about Noah is, he’s probably the best oldest brother I’ve ever seen. He’s concerned about the others’ safety, he gets them things, helps them, teaches them…he’s a good one. He just needs some solid proof that this little one is going fit right in with us…and I don’t think that will take long.

Jack, on the other hand…he’s kind of unconcerned about most things.

He also has a HUGE heart. 

He started asking (begging) for a little brother or sister months before we were actually having one.

“I just wanted to be like a real big brother…you know, so I can remember it. And I don’t remember when I was a big brother when Sophie was born.”

Well, that would be because he was two, but I guess I see his point.

He thinks this baby is all his, because well, it was his idea after all.

We took a trip to South Dakota in August, which is where I started having suspicions that there was in fact a little fetus hibernating in there.  On the plane on the way home, as I was running through every scenario possible in my head, sleepy Jack popped his head up beside me and asked one more time…”Mom, can we please have another baby??” Well, that was crazy timing, Jack.

But we are growing our family and it is going to be good and I cannot wait to see my big, strong boys holding this little tiny babe.


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