It feels like we’ve had such a productive month over here, right?  We’ve covered so much ground in our personal lives, our homes, and our schools about simplifying and gaining back some of the control in our lives we may have lost by our “yeses” on repeat.  I feel good about what we’ve accomplished here.  Things may feel a little less cluttered in your home, a little more calm, and a lot more simple.  But we’re always looking for that one last thing…balance.  Isn’t this something we’re always striving for, no matter our age or how many kids we have?  Balance is the universal goal for most women, the thing we want to make us feel better about what we’re doing all day.  But is balance even attainable in all honesty?
I’ve told you how busy things are in  my neck of the woods lately.  Despite the simplifying I have done, there’s still a good amount of crazy happening here.  I knew this was coming and I did try to build up my ammunition as best as I could, but with all the circumstances and planning, I still got hit square in the teeth yesterday.  Everything was just off and overwhelming and I was angry and weepy all day.  It ended with me sitting by myself in the corner of Starbucks hide-crying over my notebook and my computer.  I texted my friend, who knew all the circumstances, told her I was crying in Starbucks and asked her to diagnose what the hell was wrong with me.
Her response:
You are overworked,
overtired, overwhelmed,
overbooked, over saturated from people,
over emotional about everything going on
and so your cup runneth over my dear…with tears.
Ya, I guess that pretty much covers it.  So no, right now I feel not much balance, despite what I’ve done to try to get ready for a busy season.  Then I wonder when the pendulum will swing back to the place where things feel better, but then, really…when do things ever just feel normal?  So…then the question remains, will there ever be balance?  I don’t really think so, you guys.  I think this is something we will constantly search for and miss, but I do think there’s a remedy. 
I think the way to get our Balance fix is simple: simplicity.  (sorry about that one)  But yes, simplicity.  Life is notorious for throwing a wrench at us, but keeping things simple–in every aspect of our life–is our guard against the wrenches.  I guess I look at it this way, the less complicated things in my life are, the less there is to mess up when the wrenches start flying. 
So there, I give you permission to stop striving for balance…you’ll probably never fully achieve it anyway.  Keep things simple, and when you feel the pressure life gives, you can get texts like the above and at least feel good that it wasn’t self-imposed. 
Carry on, brave ones.

This post is part of a 31-day series on simplifying our homes and schools. 
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  1. i love this.
    i love that you're totally real and honest and open.
    i love that i can "see" the hide-crying, even though i've never heard it called that.
    and i KNOW…you must know that i KNOW what the off-kilter, off-balance feels like…especially right now.
    falling in love with your blog a bit every day.

  2. Oh friend, I'm sorry you had a sucky day.

    I don't think we ever *really* achieve balance… though it doesn't stop me from trying.

    I have SO enjoyed this series and your wise-beyond-your-years thoughts. xo

  3. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday! Could you let some stuff go this week and take a break? You guys have so much added pressure at this time of year with Halloween, thanksgiving and then Christmas. We just have Christmas and that seems overwhelming at times.

    I think the key is to make everything simple and delegate. Best of luck for a great relaxing weekend!

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