We don’t need much of an excuse around here to create art…winter? We’ll make some snowmen collages.  Christmas? We’ll craft some handmade gifts.  Holiday on the horizon? Every reason we need to create some art.  And this time of year it’s all about heart art.
I have loved every one of Alisha Gratehouse’s multi-media art courses.  They are so fun, so easy, and so rewarding.  Sophia (not so much the boys) is so pumped to begin Alisha’s brand new Valentine course! 
In this course you will sketch, paint with water colors and acrylics, do collage, craft with tissue and other papers, gather found objects and create beautiful art and gifts, and so much more.  This is a two-week course with 10 beautiful projects lead by Alisha by video.  Sign up soon! Your girlies will love this!!

Sophia and I created some projects this week using THIS technique and we’re excited to pop them in the mail to friends.  Also, if you’re in the mood for creating some Valentine keepsakes, you can do some of these easy clay heart dishes.  I’ve had these for years and I still love them.  
What are you creating for Valentine’s day? For more ideas, I have a Valentine Pinterest board that might strike your fancy….

Follow Alicia’s board –Valentine’s Day– on Pinterest.

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…have a great Wednesday, friends! 

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