Today was my favorite day in a long time.
Super productive and quiet. Everyone was busy doing their own thing.
We ate a hot brekky while doing a little school. Critical thinking, math, language…done.
We ran a few errands. I had to get my turkey man. I also got some lovely roping…I seriously love that smell.
We went to Micheal’s and I got some stuff for the table…it’s gonna be fun!
When we run to Target or Micheal’s there’s a little road that I always take and it has the wackiest farm ever on it. I mean, we’re like 1 minute from Target and there’s a goat. Perfectly acceptable in the south. This interesting piece of property also has chickens (some of the most pretty chickens I’ve seen), two dogs, and the fattest hog in the history of hogs. Ever. We always slow down to see what we can see.

Today it was just the goat.
We got home and the boys went out to the forest to play. Sophie helped me for a while and then played Barbies for a long time. That never happens…she needs other people. Does not play well alone.
So I….planned my menu, wrote out my grocery list, and my Target list and printed out a ton of coupons. I also organized them and clipped them all together. Yeah!! I’m doing some Black Friday shopping, so I printed out some coupons for that and made my list. I’m hoping to get alllll my Christmas shopping done with ONE trip to Target (ok, maybe two), ONE Amazon order, ONE trip to Barnes and Noble, and ONE order to Shutterfly. 

I’ve been working away at a few Etsy Christmas things. I got them all photographed today and will hopefully get them listed tonight and/or tomorrow. Chalkboards, signs, and tags for now…some banners coming soon too.
Here’s one sign.
This week I ordered prints to frame of this photo shoot and I ordered a big canvas from this photo shoot. I covered some old frames with plaid fabric and gathered some new frames to make a little gallery wall of Sherlock Holmes prints…kinda excited about that. As soon as the prints get here, I’ll be sharing.
I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom today. Scrubbed out my fridge and cleaned out the old stuff to make room for all the goodies that will be filling it up soon! Mr. Turk is in there now thawing out. It looks so empty and fabulous. I am really going to be missing  my extra fridge on Thursday though.
I scrubbed the countertops and cleared off the unnecessary stuff to get ready for a ton of cooking next week.

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Now it’s 5pm and I’m done for the day. I decided I’m not cooking dinner. Just don’t really wanna. I’m eating carrots with ranch. That should be good for a while. The boys just came and told me Sophie fell asleep on the couch downstairs. This day just keeps on giving!!
This weekend I’m listing my new Etsy Christmas things!!, ordering Christmas cards and gifts from Shutterfly so I can get the 40% off before Monday, and taking a nap…and drinking lattes…I get two per day and most of the time they get cold before I finish, but it’s nice while it lasts.
Happy Weekend to ya! Have a great one!

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  1. My feet hurt just reading this, you are a machine! Love the chalkboard!
    Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow, don't let me down!

  2. those are my favorite kind of days…
    can't wait to see some of your ETSY creations…
    and I'm gonna try to go to that link and get my christmas cards ordered, too! thanks for the reminder about that discount!

    oh. almost forgot. yes. goats are completely acceptable in the south…just a goat hanging out by the road. 🙂

  3. Wow! Like everyone else is saying, amazing! How you manage to be so productive while also growing a little human is beyond me. You definitely deserve every nap and latte! Love the new chalkboard Christmas sign. Can't wait to see more! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. i need to do that shutterfly thing, too! thanks for the reminder. you were quite productive today. good girl! please tell me you have the target debit card to save 5%??? such a deal!

    can't wait to see what you're listing!! go alicia. you are on fire. i better call you katniss.


  5. Sounds like a great day to me and to top it off it is Friday!
    Looking forward to seeing you new Etsy items~
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Uh I'm tired just reading this. You got so much done! Meanwhile I was gone ALL day. I've got at least half a day of orders to fill and lots to do before WED! Eeeeek! Thanks for the Shutterfly heads up. I want that discount!

  7. Uh I'm tired just reading this. You got so much done! Meanwhile I was gone ALL day. I've got at least half a day of orders to fill and lots to do before WED! Eeeeek! Thanks for the Shutterfly heads up. I want that discount!

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