Pretty much everything here is packed up, we’re off on Friday…so yes, it’s pretty much chaos ’round here.  So when The Bouqs contacted me a couple weeks ago about reviewing one of their bouquets, I was all about it.  How could I say no to creating one little corner of peace amongst the crazy that’s erupted?  I am so happy these guys found me because I think they have a great company, and like every flower arrangement you’ll ever get, it gave me a little slice of happy that I welcomed with open arms. 

Loving flowers is in my blood.  I grew up with a mom that worked with flowers for a living.  My sister and I knew the difference between a ranunculus and a gladiola earlier than your average kid, so naturally, we’re flower lovers still.  What’s better than flowers arriving on your doorstep?! 
Here’s how The Bouqs company works:
  • You choose the bouquet you want from their list of beauties. 
  • Choose your size: regular, large, or extra large
  • It arrives via FedEx on your doorstep 4-6 days later

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I am in love with The Bouqs, and I’ll tell you why:
  • Half of their flowers are shipped from here in the States
  • The other half are shipped from the side of an active volcano in Ecuador…pretty cool
  • There’s no middle man, they are direct sellers, so your flowers are really fresh
  • Flowers last a long time because of less handling
  • The bouquets are fresh and beautiful…not at all like some of the dated arrangements I’ve seen out there
  • Their concierge service: you can set up automatic shipments for, say, your mom’s birthday every year…never forget.
  • Their prices are so great! ($40 for a regular size–that includes the shipping.  $50 for a bouquet twice the size!)
  • Wonderful variety
I’m thinking if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or family member, this is the way to go.  Quick, easy, and beautiful…you cannot go wrong.  New Bouqs members get 15% off their first order…one more perk. 
I chose these gorgeous roses because I thought the burnt looking edges were perfect for fall.  I think this would be a great route to go for your Thanksgiving table too!  Here’s a few more of their arrangements to choose from:
Check out The Bouqs (Bouquets…simplified) and take a look for yourself.  So much happy over there…and I am eternally grateful for the corner of peace they helped me create!

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