I haven’t done a post like this in forever. It felt like it was time. Being a new, fresh month, I’m taking stock…February style. 

Making : a menu for the week
Cooking : coffee…give me more coffee
Drinking : well, coffee
Reading: The Nightingale. I just finished The Lake House on Friday and it was soooo good! The Nightingale is also super good too! So much good reading happened in January. 
Wanting: a massage…badly
Looking: for clothes for the kiddies…they grow out of everything so fast!
Playing: Super Mario Bros. on my old Game Boy
Deciding: What to do for all the birthdays coming
Wishing: for like 2 more hours during the day
Enjoying: Periscope
Waiting: for library books to come in
Liking: quiet mornings
Wondering: when my sister will have her baby!?!?!
Loving: so many books right now
Pondering: trips to take this year
Considering: purchasing an oil diffuser
Buying: chocolate
Watching: Mad Med final season, Downton Abbey, and House of Cards
Hoping: for a blizzard
Marvelling: at the sunshine
Cringing: at all the poop jokes told in my house
Needing: a haircut…Wednesday’s the day!
Questioning: whether or not to keep the bangs or grow them out
Smelling: Fresh Balsam candles
Wearing: all the stretchy pants
Following: the news–it’s an election year!!
Noticing: how much my oldest and youngest kids are changing
Knowing: a mother’s heart is made to be broken…and overflowing all in one moment
Thinking: about everything
Admiring: mothers…all the beautiful mothers out there
Sorting: socks
Getting: beeswax candles for the kids
Bookmarking: how to make my own candles
Coveting: more reading time
Disliking: all the presidential candidates…can we start over with all new ones?
Opening: new science kits
Giggling: over Jack’s made-up jokes
Feeling: unprepared for Morning Meeting
Snacking: cashews
Helping: with writing projects
Hearing: Little Einsteins theme song….all the time. 

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  1. Hi Alicia, I found your blog from the Bravescopes group on FB. We have several things in common, including using Beautiful Feet books for history right now with my middle schoolers. We are really enjoying it and I loved reading about your son's activities. I also agree with you on the presidential candidates and your comment in the above post made me laugh!

    Your scopes have been helpful to me. I also downloaded your free ebook and have been reading it little by little. You are very wise! God bless you, Melanie in CA

  2. {chuckle} Looks like you got your blizzard. ๐Ÿ™‚ I *finally* got a much needed hair cut and color… that darn grey hair. ๐Ÿ™ I am with you on the presidential candidates. We need to start over. Reading lot of books with the boy. Always books with the boy, and never books for myself. I even bought myself a new book, but have yet to start it.

  3. I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday to and wondering the same, to bang or not to bang. I have a love/hate relationship with bangs.

    As for oil diffusers, I love them. I have the bamboo one from Young Living. While I'm not a person to say oils changed my life or anything, they are useful. Tea tree healed my son's wart, diffusing certain oils definitely helps with sleeping when my littles have colds, and right now I'm diffusing orange, lavender, and grapefruit to help chase away the winter blahs. Love it!

  4. I have heard so many good things about The Nightingale! I just started After You, but I may read The Nightingale after. I go back and forth on the bangs too! Why are they so easy to get, and so hard to get rid of? Lol!

  5. Girl, buy the diffuser!! We have 4 now. They rock! I'm loving periscope too! I want to jump in someday soon. You do a great job. We also are going to do our own candles soon!!!

  6. Great post!! Totally get an oil diffuser!!! Well worth the money!! And as for the blizzard, keep it up there or go to Dairy Queen!! Lol!

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