Merry Christmas! Giveaway: Annual Subscription to Learning Well Journal

Merry Christmas! I’m here today for our last giveaway of the year!

At the beginning of November, we launched Learning Well Journal. This is a quarterly magazine for Christian homeschool families and something that has been in my wheelhouse for years. It was such an amazing experience to walk through each step and get it launched and now the first issue is on it’s way to subscriber’s mailboxes!

Each quarterly issue includes encouragement and inspiration for your home, homeschool, family and faith. The magazine is designed around a verse in scripture.

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The first issue was written around Deuteronomy 6:9 and focused on diligence. It includes winter weeknight recipes, an afternoon unit study idea, inspiring articles on faith, and so much more.

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Learning Well Journal Giveaway

If you missed out on subscribing to the magazine or wished a friend or family member could get it too, you’re in luck! Today, we are giving away an annual subscription to Learning Well Journal!

The giveaway subscription winner will begin the subscription with the Spring 2022 issue and the three following issues. If you already are a subscriber to LWJ, you can gift the subscription to a friend or choose to get the fee back for your subscription.

Your readership, subscribership, and support has blessed me so much this year. I am so thankful for you and I’m praying your walk as a mother only gets better and better in the new year. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas with your people.

Thank you again for being here.

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  1. My highlight of 2021 was making so many memories with my family despite mandates. We saw so many beautiful places in our home state.

  2. My highlight has been getting chickens. It is a delight to gather eggs each day and visit the “girls”. The simple pleasure of gratefulness each day has been a sweet ribbon of flavor through this year.

  3. The highlight of my 2021 has been learning to be more real with people! I am also teaching a class on building real relationships to teenagers at my homeschool co-op, it has been amazing and so rewarding!

  4. My 2021 highlight was all of the calm time at home with my family. Watching my children learn and grow, spending time with my husband, and a lot of reading (I hit my reading goal for the first time since I gave birth to my youngest son!).

  5. I am grateful for a solid church and great church community! A church that stand on truth and loves people through the Word of God is priceless and irreplaceable, as is the church family support ❤️ so timely for these last two years! Also thankful for this site and others as we venture into the new land of homeschooling.

  6. My highlight is I have been cancer free for a year… a year that I have poured into my family. Everyday is a precious gift. ❤️

  7. The highlight of 2021 was seeing God’s faithfulness throughout the year, through good and not-as-good times. It was also a highlight to grow in in-person community with people from our church, our friend groups, and our neighborhood.

  8. The world needs more passing on wisdom and experience, from a Biblical perspective. This is a wonderful way to spur each other on towards love and good works. People used by the Holy Spirit to help others walk, run, and fly in this journey of homeschooling and not grow weary, tired, and weak. Thank you for giving to the Lord.

  9. The highlight was allowing myself to have a more relaxed homeschool year. We even took 3 weeks off this month to do Christmas school and I didn’t worry about needing to extend our normal curriculum. Made it much more enjoyable!

  10. This has been an outstanding year, but as I approach the end of it exhausted by Christmas preparations, the highlight has been Gods steady, abiding presence that has allowed me to make it through the year!

  11. Merry Christmas!!! 2021 has been quite a year with a several “highlights” for me. A two week trip to spend time where I grew up with my family, taking steps to invest in dreams I’ve been dreaming of for years, enjoying a summer of an amazing work schedule (for my husband’s job), and finally starting on a home project that has been almost two years in the planning stages. I’m excited for 2022! I think life will look very different by this time next year.

  12. One highlight was my seven year old with special needs was finally potty trained! Praise the Lord!

  13. The highlight of my year was welcoming my second set of twins in early March! So thankful for how God completed our family with the second shock of a lifetime and made us a family of 8!

  14. Our family trip all the way from NC to MT to visit my sister and her family, with lots of fun stops coming and going!

  15. Highlight of our year was our kids starting a book club with another family. Each girl gets a turn to pick the book, they all read it that month, and then said girl makes tea with snack, sets the table for their guests, and leads the discussion and asks 4 questions.
    There are 6 participants and they are about to begin the 3rd rotation of each girl picking!

  16. A highlight for 2021 was a celebration of life memorial service for my grandmother. She was 99 years old and passed away in August of 2020. We weren’t able to have a large gathering for her funeral, but the memorial service a year later was a wonderful time to honor her with friends and family.

  17. Our highlight was moving back from Europe to the United States. We missed our family and friends dearly

  18. We had a year of changes, loss and challenges – thankful we are finally planted in a new home and ready to continue to give thanks to God in all things!

  19. One of the highlights of my year was our son’s wedding in August. It was a fun, long weekend away with just family and a few close friends. And just as impactful were all the “family lunches”. We have seven children (three married, four still at home) and three grandbabies. On Sundays after church we all meet at our house for lunch. Sometimes it’s a big bbq feast that my husband makes, or soup and bread or sometimes we all grab In ‘n Out and come together with takeout bags. I’m so grateful!

  20. The quiet days at home. I took them for granted before but not this year. This year was cherished and I look back fondly.

  21. Very thankful for time together with my family this year. Enjoying slower days and learning together is such a blessing!!!

  22. Merry Christmas! Thank you for this giveaway! The highlight of my year was a trip with my sister. Although it was for our grandma’s funeral, we had 2 undivided days of sister time together. Priceless!

  23. I’m not very good at picking favorites and would have to have time to think it over, and over 😉
    Thank you!
    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  24. Merry Christmas!

    I am grateful for so many things this year. One highlight is our five week road trip! The highs and lows, beautiful places, and time together are treasured memories.

  25. Our family went out west together in May. It was definitely a highlight of the year for all of us.

  26. My highlight was roadtripping across our state with my family to hike and swim in waterfalls. God’s creations never cease to amaze me! Merry Christmas!

  27. We helped get a homeschool group going that has been wonderful for our family and an answer to prayer for sure.

  28. A highlight for our family was being able to start homeschool co-op again after having to skip last year due to city mandates.

  29. A highlight of 2021 was to see the body of Christ be the hands and feet of Jesus to our family after my Dad passed away of Covid Pneumonia in the hospital. My tribe surrounded us and supported us in such a beautiful way.s. I am grateful for community and godly friends who pray for you in times of difficulty. A praying group of friends was a blessing to me throughout the year.

  30. The highlight of 2021 was roadtripping our way to my sister’s wedding with my whole family. My husband’s job has been so good at giving him the vacation days he requests (which is new to our family. first time in our marriage that he’s had a job that gives him such great benefits). Praise Jesus!

  31. My highlight of 2021 has been growing more in the Lord. He has convicted me of areas that need changing and mindsets that need to be reworked. I’m so so thankful He disciplines those He loves.


  32. Highlight of 2021 was watching my sixth baby take her first steps. I love pondering how I am always a baby in certain aspects of my life— I want to be as focused on success as she is!

  33. We had a surprise baby this year after I thought I couldn’t have any more children and he has been such a delight and gift to our entire family! I love seeing my 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son intersect with him.

  34. My highlight of 2021 has been that my husband has been home teleworking, which has allowed us to spend so much more time together as a family! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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