It feels ok to close a book when you’re fully satisfied with it.  This summer has been full and laid back and adventurous.  We’re ok to close the back cover, feeling fully satisfied with all we’ve done.  I admit, the pumpkin spice candles and freshly sharpened pencils are calling my name with their fall-smelling breath, but a good thing like summer calls for a fond glace back.  So let’s do.

Last weekend, we went to Sullivan’s Island, SC.  We didn’t make it to the beach last year with Vera being so tiny, but this year was so different.  A baby on the beach is a beautiful thing.  She was amazed like all of us at an ocean so vast and mighty.  We picked up shells and ate sand (maybe that was just Vera.)  We chased gulls and smashed sandcastles. (Well maybe all that was just Vera.)  It was good to be back.

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While we were there we toured the Magnolia Plantation.  It was hot and muggy but always a great history lesson.  We learned many things about South Carolina–and their spiders. #help  We even saw several gators, which we were not expecting. 
Taking our kids in the car and spending the night in a hotel always makes me feel like we’re “real” adults.  It’s something I remember vividly from being a kid–taking off in the car and staying in a hotel.  I remember being so excited to see the hotel room and check out the pool.  I watch my kids do the exact same things and know that they will remember these days when they’re grown.  

This weekend, Labor Day weekend, the last hoorah of summer we’ve been spending with family that has come to visit.  It’s always so much fun playing tourist while guests are here, seeing things through their eyes for the first time.  We’ve been hiking, walking the downtown streets, to local restaurants, and to the Biltmore.  It’s like a vacation for us too.  Our own bidding goodbye to summer in a way.  

One last look back at some of the highlights of summer….

School starts officially next Monday the 8th.  We’ll be prepping and getting ready till then, having an orientation of sorts.  I love this time of year.  This week I’ll be buying mums and all things pumpkin.  This change of seasons is so inspiring.  A fresh and new season to offer all sorts of great expectations. 
Happy September, friends.


  1. I'm ready for fall too! Your kids are so darn cute. That little Vera… The picture of her running on the beach… and those shorts you made her.. I could just squeeze her!

  2. September is my favorite… until October rolls around! This summer has been the perfect mix of laid back and full, such a good summer. But I am ready for Fall. Enjoy your week! xoxo

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