Motherhood can feel so fulfilling.  It will draw out my creativity, inspire me to be better, and light a fire in me that gives my life purpose.  I know this role is perfect for me.  It combines all my passions of home, caring for my people, decorating, creativity, home-education, and so much more all into one job and that’s pretty amazing.  But this job is the ultimate hard job–and that’s how motherhood has felt to me lately.  Just hard.  Having to repeat myself six-thousand times daily, cleaning and re-cleaning the same messes, and feeling like I’m falling further and further behind everyday is about the extent of my job description lately.
Having a wide range of ages and personalities in my home 24/7, the end of the school year, and a big move has all made me tired and weary, but regardless of your own circumstances, being the person that keeps things together, organized, clean, cozy, and calm is just plain draining sometimes.

We have a whole day set aside for just us, Mother’s Day, which is pretty awesome.  Really, all we really want is to be appreciated, seen, noticed, right? I mean, tulips and chocolate are great, but give me a little nod, like, hey I see that you just cleaned all the toilets, set a pretty table, and made a fab dinner.  Thanks.  That’s it.  This Mother’s Day was not the best one.  A rainy baseball game surrounded by nit-picking kids that forgot it was Mother’s Day is not my idea of special.  I sulked, I’m not going to lie.  I went to bed a little sad, a little bitter. 

Monday morning I felt like the kids had had a team meeting or something because they were all smiles and overly helpful.  We made a grocery run to Target and back in the car, Noah slid me a double bagged package.  Here mom, I got you something.  It was a phone charger for my car–with a cord–something I really needed. 

He had seen a need.

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That silly car charger made my day. 

I wonder if you’re feeling like this too–underpaid and underappreciated.  Overworked, tired, weary, behind.  Like you wake up with a sigh instead of a stretch to get started with your day. 

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I know for me, I need to make some changes.  Go to bed a little earlier and get up a little earlier, stick to my guns a little more, delegate a little more too.  Get some clearer focus and direction for my days. 

Lately, I’ve been reading through When Motherhood Feels Too Hard, a devotional book geared to moms that are worn out.  Kelly uses short, simple snippets to recharge and revive tired mamas.  Her 31-day book is full of advice and ways to put some life back into this most important job we have.  She shares that we’re not in this alone, something I so need to hear from time to time, but that there’s a whole world of mamas out there feeling the same things we are. 

Kelly’s book is available in e-book format or paperback from Amazon.  Her book will bless you. 

One thing she shares that I loved was that we need to enjoy the little moments, not wait for the huge, awesome events–because those are fewer and farther between.  Enjoying the little things and seeking that joy in the mundane, everyday is the key to happiness.  It is so good.

So today, I’m going to make a list of ten things I am enjoying right now. Not things I’m waiting for to happen–the things right in front of me that are filling me up.  The small adds up faster than we know if we just take the time to count it. 

Carry on, brave mamas.  I can’t see you, but I see you.  You’re not in this alone.

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  1. This is a precious post. I am currently in a season of good & smooth – but boy, have I ever been where you're at. I have had those feelings.

    What a precious gift your Noah gave you. So much more than a phone charger! ?

    We are brave aren't we? Everything we do is uncharted territory. Everything is a first with the oldest, and the youngers each need a "different" mama than the one before.

    We ARE brave. And good. I think we're just plain awesome.

    (And P. S. – I'm kicking butt with my goals this week!)

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