just tell me it’s over…

A lot of Fridays I share my favorite things…my Friday Favorites.  But some weeks are best forgotten.  Best buried deep in the trenches where they came from. Oh! Like this one for example.  It was craptastic.  Like seriously did me in.๏ปฟ
If you’ve ever had a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout…or just a kid selling stuff, this might resonate with you.  If you’ve never been responsible for a pile of money belonging to strangers, it probably won’t. 
The boys have been selling popcorn for about two weeks for Boy Scouts.  They’ve done really well (which is unfortunate in my case).  Jack’s sold almost $550 worth of popcorn…oh my little salesman.  Saturday, Jarrod took the boys out selling…then to Target, then to lunch, then to Walmart. (searching for the perfect kickball) All the while, Jack’s magic little sheet with 29 names, addresses, and orders sat beside him on the seat.
Monday morning bright and early I checked to see how they did selling only to find Noah’s sheet and Jack’s extra (blank) sheet. Holy Panic Attack!! Oh yes, I panicked…for three days I’ve panicked.  I’ve searched the car 2500 times, ripped open garbage bags and sifted through coffee grounds and dirty Kleenex’s.  I’ve looked outside in the bushes, in pockets, emptied closets.
There is one more place to look though…the last house he sold to; a sweet little elderly lady that very well could have taken the sheet inside to fill out, grabbed her money and forgotten to give it back to Jack.  It sounds possible right?? We have stopped at her house three times since Wednesday and she’s been gone every time.  But you can bet we’ll keep stalking Edna till she gives us a straight up answer. (I’m watching you Edna…ya, that’s me in the aviators and cap in the black sedan.)
I feel like Nancy Drew…a really mean Nancy Drew.  I have questioned each kid about what they know strapped to lie-detectors in poorly lit rooms, I’ve been pissed at Jarrod all week for letting that dang sheet sit on the backseat (something a mother would never do, right??), I’ve cried over this, I’m not gonna lie.  My poor fetus is probably thinking, “I’m never coming out to live with this lady!”
You might be thinking…but it’s only popcorn.  Well, it is…but it isn’t.  The guy that gave Jack a $50 bill probably wouldn’t be too impressed if I said that is was only popcorn.  The pile of cash on my counter tells me this is serious.
Serious stress.๏ปฟ

Throw in a weird rash on Jack’s ear and Noah’s nose, my email getting hacked (don’t open any suspicious emails from me…sorry!), overdue library fines, and other disappointments and it’s shaping up to be on the top 5 most hated weeks in Alicia-History.
I did manage to make Sasha’s Gingerbread Cake and Carmel Sauce.  Since I can’t drink, this was the obvious choice.
Plus side? It’s almost over.  And after I track down Edna and find out if she has the sheet or not, we’ll start the giant task of revisiting almost 30 houses (if we can remember them all) to take their orders again.
Pray for me.
Pray for Edna.
{psychotic Nancy Drew}

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  1. oh girl, i've been thinking of you since i saw your post on IG about this. this will go down in history as the 'week-we-don't-speak-of'. i really hope you find either the list or the people that ordered.. i can understand your stress bc it would stress me out as well! ugh.

    hang in there friend.
    and please don't tease me with food images like that unless you are going to personally hand deliver it to my house ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh MAN!!! That is craptastic!!! Some weeks everyhting just seems to hit you. Carry on warrior. You're doing a great job {lost lists and all}.

  3. Hope you find that sheet. I pray that you will. Isn't always so much more annoying when things like that happen when you are pregnant? Like, you already feel crappy anyway early on and added stress just makes a girl feel worse. Let us know when and where you find it. And I say your hubby can take him back around to get the orders again if it's not found soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hello,
    I've been reading your blog for over a year now and this is the first time I've ever left a response. My name is Barbie and I'm a teacher living in Newfoundland and every time something goes missing I pray to Saint Anthony.. the Saint of lost things… so here it goes, "Saint Anthony Saint Anthony, Please Come Around… Something is Lost and Cannot Be Found." Please help Alicia find the popcorn order form…. Amen. ๐Ÿ˜€ In my experience you will find your missing item in a place you have checked a zillion times or in a really unusual place. Guess we'll see what happens… Hope everything turns out ok.


  5. Ever since you shared about this on IG I've been praying that you would either find the sheet or find an easy solution to taking all those orders again. I hope you get some time to relax this weekend!

  6. Oh, Alicia. You made me laugh, but I do really ache for you because I've been there! Though I never seem to have a husband to blame just my careless, disorganized self. I do so hope you find it!!
    Poor fetus. Oh, you make me laugh.
    Wishing you a Good Weekend.

  7. ohmy goodness…i hate to say it but i laughed out loud a few times because of your writing, not what happened, and because i think we can all relate. *snort* at the chocolate because you can't drink;) i will pray for you to find it today!

  8. ps. this has also been the worst week ever in our life… i lose feeling in a bunch of joints, can't walk, start swelling. now i'm better but waiting to get test results. sage was in er for croup, hunter has had a 103 fever… i so i feel your pain. i do! i better go make some cake.

  9. Oh no, that sounds awful! I would be crying my eyes out and probably making everyone's life miserable too. Did you stalk all the bushes at Target and Walmart? Maybe it blew out of the car…it's probably long gone though. Hopefully Edna has it. Fingers crossed.

  10. Oh my…I can so relate to your feelings. My oldest sold over 600.00 in popcorn last year and I was CRAZY obsessed with his sheet and money. Every time my husband took him out to sell, I insisted that I have the sheet and money in my possession the second they walked in the door. Praying that Edna has what you are looking for and for a more relaxing week ahead!

  11. You deserve a spa weekend after this. Somethin'! Praying that lady has it. Good idea to check with her. I never would have thought of that. Makes total sense.

  12. oh i'm so sorry! i've had a day this week that was horrible with my oldest, and then i even lost a friend after he said something incredibly cruel to her daughter. so, i feel your pain. i'm pretty good with just rolling with it. hang in there! i'll pray for you! ~tiff

  13. Oh girl! I'm so sorry to hear about all this. Sounds like something that would happen to me too :/ Hang in there! Bad weeks are usually followed up by GREAT weeks! In the mean time, keep eating cake:)
    Love you girl! Try and enjoy your weekend!

  14. My sweet sistah, I am sorry you had a crappy week. You know I would SO get in my camo and hunt Edna down. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be praying sweet friend! I reeeeeally dislike that feeling of losing something- nothing is more annoying, so I feel your frustration.
    I hope you have some cake for breakfast and have a great day. I mean a really just good good day.

    Thank you for your sweet email! I just love you!

  15. My dear sweet Alicia,I'm so sorry for your troubled week. When I have a craptastic week, it just makes me appreciate the normal, uneventful ones even more. As for fees, we owe a small fortune at the library and family video. I brought home The Hungar Games, last Friday night (which I thought of you, because i remember you blogging about it) It was due Sunday and here we are back at Friday and it is still sitting in my bedroom!! Chin up sister!!

  16. Oh my gosh…i'd be covered in hives..you poor thing! On the flip side – your son sold $550 worth of BS popcorn???Let me look at our sheet here..let's see. Yep. $0 sold. although there's still time. The night before should yield a panic sale or two.

    Please keep us posted. Sending you positive vibes…and an imaginary cheesecake.

  17. it can ONLY go up from here, sweetie!
    been prayin' all week that you would find that darn list!
    the good news?
    tomorrow is new, and fresh and FULL of new mercies!
    so sorry about all of the stress though…more good news?
    your photographs make me want to jump in your blog and eat cake.
    like super awesome!
    why does ashville have to be so far?
    still praying!

  18. Did you call Walmart? Maybe it was found in the parking lot??? I have 65$ in overdue fines at the library we "misplaced" our entire bag of books/movies. I keep telling myself the money is going to a good cause. I want to cry. Praying for you and the list!

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