Homeschool Sales, Deals, and New Releases!

It’s a new month and there are tons of new homeschool resources coming as well as sales and deals on some of my favorites. So this is a handy list of homeschool sales just for you! In this list of homeschool sales and new releases you’ll find homeschool helps, nature study, Valentine’s Day ideas, books and tons more. Enjoy!

Homeschool Sales, Deals, and New Releases!

Looking for ideas to share chalk art with friends? February offers many wonderful opportunities to get hands chalky & share great resources!

❤ Valentine’s Day (2/14) 
A Fun Hands-On Homeschool Unit Study For Valentines Day

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🐦 Great Backyard Bird Count (Feb 18th-21st).
A Homeschool Bird Study with Chalk Pastels

🗽 President’s Day (Feb 21st)
You ARE an Artist Clubhouse American Presidents Video Art Lessons

Get the 6 Secrets to a Simpler Mom Life

🎼 Famous Composer, Handel’s Birthday (Feb 23rd)Van Gogh and Handel Art and Music Appreciation

Nature Study + Homeschool Masterclass for Mom

A brand-new title has been added to the No Sweat Nature Study DIGITAL curriculum series! Habitats uses a multi-media approach to teach children in 1st-8th grades about the necessary ingredients for plants and animals to survive and thrive. 

It’s on sale for only $10 through Tuesday, Feb. 8 with the coupon HABITATS.

But wait! The No Sweat Nature Study MEMBERSHIP is a better deal!

The brand-new Habitats DIGITAL curriculum is FREE to No Sweat Nature Study LIVE members in February! Promoting the membership is a much better deal for your audience because they get:

  • access to two LIVE nature-based science lessons each month
  • 24/7 access to the video library of nearly 75 (!!) archived lessons
  • a free curriculum download each month (value $14)

Logic and Critical Thinking Homeschool Masterclass

A new Homeschool Masterclass about logic and critical thinking is coming up on Wednesday, February 23. These classes are casual, practical, and jam-packed with information and easy action points.

Cindy has MANY amazing masterclasses and it’s never too late to share previously recorded Homeschool Masterclasses. They are available as replays after the live events. The discipline class was the latest class and I wasn’t able to watch live, but I will be listening to the replay this week!

Cooking with Kids

We LOVE Raddish Kids Kits! Cooking with kids is such a great way to learn

Join the cooking club and take 14% off 3, 6, 12 months.
Promo Code: FEB14

Learning Well Journal Premiere Issue: Limited Stock

If you missed the first issue of Learning Well Journal, you’re in luck! Grab a copy HERE! Limited copies available!

Deal on Safe Phones for Kids

If you’re looking for a safe alternative to a smart phone for your kids, Gabb phones are the answer. You can grab one with my discount code:



NEW Books I’m Excited About!

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