I created this title graphic, put it in the post, and right before I hit publish, I realize I had named this post with a number two years younger than what my kid’s birthday was actually celebrating. But I left it. Because isn’t that where our mama hearts usually are? About two years behind reality when it comes to how quickly our kids are growing? This post is for an 8-year-old girl who I still think is six, but I love to see growing and becoming her own person, but it hurts so good, but I want it to slow down, but I love watching it too, but, but, but….
…so she’s 8 now. And I do know that. But I wrote six, so let’s just give a collective sigh together and nod in recognition that we all get it, because I know you do. 
Birthday parties around here have long become like mini-holidays, and why not? You only turn 8 (6?), 10, 14, or 3 once, right? We normally decide what sort of theme we’ll be going with based on what they love–in Sophia’s case, ART, much to my extreme approval. So Art Party is was. Simple, creative, adorable art. 
Art party ideas: food, crafts, cake, and more.

Since art is way more than just drawing, we chose several art mediums to work with so the girls could take home several different projects. We painted, sculpted, and inked and glittered. Creative messes are my favorite messes–actually the only mess I’m totally OK with. #ocdalert

We had little stations set up before the kids got to the party: the Art Gallery, Sculptor Studio, Stationary Shop, and the Starving Artist Cafe (for the snacks). In the art gallery, the girls had a canvas to paint in one solid base color and we let those dry while we did other projects. Then we added a monogram cut from Contact paper, stuck it down, and used business cards to scrape coordinating colors all over the canvas. When it dried, we were able to pull the monogram up and reveal the base color underneath. A really easy paint project to do together.

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In the Sculptor Studio, we made these sweet little clay houses and trees I found on Magic Onion’s blog. The clay had to dry before we painted, so the girls took them home on plate to paint later. 
In the Stationary Shop, there was lots of glitter and ink happening. We borrowed a friends embossing tool, which was really fun to use with this project. When we moved on to the next project, my sweet friend Amy tied them all up for each girl to take home.

Art Party ideas: art projects, food, cake, and more ideas.

And to keep the creativity going, we sent the girls home with a tiny canvas, set of watercolors, and IKEA paintbrushes. Such a fun party, but the most fun was getting texts from moms the next day with pictures of their girls doing projects at home because they just couldn’t get enough. I love that. Amen for creative kids!

Happy Monday!

Art Party ideas: art projects, food, cake, and more ideas.

Here’s a SUPER quick Scope I did right before the party started ๐Ÿ™‚


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