Today I want to talk about something that I feel like we make way too hard–or else we let it go altogether: weekly cleaning.  I also really want your feedback on this one because I think we can get great ideas from other mamas and how they do things. 

So let’s talk Weekly Cleaning, shall we?  If you’re a homeschooler like us, you may have faced some of the same issues I have, like when do I clean this thing!? Right??  If your kids go to school you might have a little more time to get it done, but you probably have other kids–the wee ones–still at home anyway, so here we are, all in the same boat.  So when? How? 

I added this to my list of posts this month because I feel like this is something we make way too overcomplicated.  In my opinion, even if you have a really big house, weekly cleaning shouldn’t take hours at a time.  I do just a little bit every day and that seems to keep things pretty clean.  Perfect, definitely not.  But clean and orderly? Yes, pretty much.  And if we’re looking to simplify and let go of some things that are stressing us to the max, pretty much can be pretty darn great.

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Weekly Cleaning

I’m going to give you my list of what I do every week to give you some ideas, but I’d love to hear what you do as well.  Add your two-cents in the comments and lets glean ideas from each other! I made my list the following way because I just don’t have a lot of time during my day to do a whole big cleaning day.  I don’t want my weekends taken up by cleaning either. 

  • Monday: Laundry day + change the bed sheets
  • Tuesday: Wipe bathrooms
  • Wednesday: Dust + Vacuum
  • Thursday: Laundry day + Mop dining room and kitchen
  • Friday: Empty trash cans

I have found that when I break it up like this, I can squeeze in my small job between school and naptime or during naptime.  This has been working really well for me.  It also gives  me purpose everyday without just shooting from the hip.  If I have a job like this to do everyday it makes me more focused.  Everyday I know what chore I’ll do to keep my house somewhat orderly. 

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A Little Word on Laundry Day

Have a laundry day is something I started this year.  I used to do a load of laundry every day.  I didn’t mind doing this, but I would forget a lot that there was a load in the wash and then I’d have stinky “clean” clothes.  Now every Monday and Thursday, I know those are my days to just get it all done.  It’s usually only about 5 loads or so and it can all be put away at once and DONE!

Daily Challenge

Write down a quick and easy weekly cleaning schedule.  Something that will help keep you sane while keeping your house orderly too. 

If you’re new here, this post is part of a 31-day series on simplifying our homes and schools. 
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  1. I simplified cleaning in my homeschool years by dividing it up by rooms. Each of my kids, along with myself, were responsible for one room (kitchen, bathroom, dining room or living room) for the week. Each of us had to tidy our assigned room daily (dump garages,unload dishwasher etc.). At the end of the week, we had to clean the room thoroughly. I had a cleaning list of what had to be done in each room. We rotated each week. I was able to do extra cleaning in the room I had. Worked great and my kids learned how to clean a house!

  2. @Flor-i totally get what you're asking and yes! I have to add more stuff to my list often, but not everyday. On the day that I do the vacuuming and dusting, I also clean glass…like the patio door, mirrors, etc. But I have the kids do their rooms, so that helps. On some Saturdays I do some of the bigger jobs so Jarrod can help with Vera or I do those during naptime, but for the most part if I stick to these little tasks everyday, things say pretty clean.

  3. @Sarah-I totally think the kids should help too! I'll be talking about that soon. We allllll make the messes so we allll need to pitch in. I think the mama becomes more of the manager of the home after the kids reach a certain age and I think that's great! Good for you! Your kids will thank you one day.

  4. this is one of my favorite topics but one that I'm not very good at unfortunately! I tend to want to clean the entire house in one day.. and obviously, it isn't happening. I really like how you split up your cleaning by days.. my question is, you still have 'daily' things that you do right? like clean the kitchen (that alone takes me an entire hour it seems) and pick up clutter etc? also, do you ever have to find days to deep clean (fridge, wash windows, etc)? cleaning must happen during naptime because then it just is too stressful with you-know-who underfoot lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi! First I must say how much I am enjoying your photos each day, very stylish.

    I absolutely hate to clean so this year I made some serious changes. The four girls now do most of it! I know, isn't that fantastic? They age from 7-15 so are most capable. Every morning I put up the job board and they fight over which jobs they each want to do. I tell you, it's a pleasure to watch them work.

    I always felt that it was wrong that we all made the mess and we are all home each day so why not share the work around. It's working a treat and they get their fair share of pocket money. I have a pay amount on the back of each job card.

    I even delegate cooking several times a week and they are good cooks. Children are just as capable as we are and we are teaching them real life skills by letting them help out.

    Thanks for another great post!

  6. My daughter, who is a new mom, just switched from a cleaning day, where you clean the whole house … to doing one room a day. She loves it.


  7. This is an area where I REALLY struggle, which is a little embarrassing to me. I am by nature a little messy, no OCD here ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I have to stay on myself to keep things picked up because the messes and housework really stress me out a lot.
    Since I started working about 6-7 months ago I have really had a difficult time staying on top of things, I just literally don't have time anymore! And the time I do have I really hate to use cleaning…I also hate "wasting" my weekends getting caught up on everything. I could talk about this all day, it's a huge issue for me right now!

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