Deserts and Southwest Indians were the topics of interest this week….we read lots of books and did some fun projects. Noah and Jack learned there are lots of animals and plant life in the desert even though there’s not a lot rainfall. They also learned that Southwest Indians were excellent potters and jewelers and had to adapt to growing crops in the desert to survive.
We made another diorama for the desert. We made some clay snakes and cacti, used cornmeal for the sand, and added some “tumbleweeds” we found in the yard.

For Indian projects, Noah made a piece of pottery and a sand painting. The sand painting is just tinted cornmeal and he glued it in a pattern he drew.

This was a project to show the kids how cactus roots reach way down to find water. We put blue food coloring in the water to illustrate. These carnations are turning blue, but slowly.
Here’s some of the books we read:

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