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Good Morning, folks. I woke up early this morning ready for Monday…who know that could even happen?? My parents are here visiting but there’s still business to attend to today like cleaning out my car for a road trip, party planning, and a little laundry. We’ll make time for a little NC Barbeque as well though. 😉
On Thursday while my kids were not so patiently waiting for Granny and Gramps to get here, I filled up some time with this amazing project. It really was amazing.  I first read about it here and I’ve had the supplies gathered for probably a year so I was able to just grab stuff and go with it.
You’ll need a big blank canvas (ours is 16×20), a big box of crayons (unopened), and hot glue and a blow dryer.
Sort the crayons into color families, 

hot glue on the canvas in a rainbow-like fashion, 

and use the blow dryer to melt the crayons in a downward direction.

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It was amazing! The colors started to melt right away and drip down. And it turned out beautiful. I was so surprised how amazed and entertained the kids were too. The wanted to keep going…definitely a great project.

It may be a record, but I think I had two bright ideas last week: crayon art and personal business cards. Yes. I used VistaPrint to order myself some personal business cards.  Maybe its just because I’m relatively new around these parts, but I always find myself needing to give out my info, which undoubtedly turns into me searching around my purse for a pen and paper, which undoubtedly turns into me ripping off a piece of a gum wrapper or something to write on. These are so much better! I could upload my own image, change my font, choose if I wanted front and back printed, they arrived in about 5 days…all for about $10. 

Get the 6 Secrets to a Simpler Mom Life

If you’ve ever ordered from VistaPrint, I’m sure you will again. You will find great deals on VistaPrint products and there’s an endless list of fabulous products as well.  I love my new little cards…so much better than a crumpled gum wrapper.
Thanks for letting me share my bright ideas…happy Monday :)


  1. My teenager as that art on her wall. Fun for all ages:)
    Seriously love your business cards!
    Have a wonderful time with your parents.

  2. That project looks so fun! Be careful with Vista Print. I ordered from them a couple years ago. Shortly after we discovered the same amount of money coming out of our account every month. We didn't recognize the company name. After investigating we figured out it was vista print. When we contacted them they didn't want to help us and said that we were part of a monthly club. That is something we never signed up for. There are lots of complaints and reviews online about them. I love your cards they're awesome! I just don't want you to get scammed 🙁

  3. My girls would LOVE this!

    I have to clean out my car today too.

    I LOVE your sweet business cards- very pretty.

    Can't wait to hear about the concert!
    Miss you!

  4. I have had that crayon art on my project list forever…I really don't know what I'm waiting for! Your business cards are beautiful. I really love your style. 🙂

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