January Bible Reading Plan: Let’s Read John Together

One thing that I will look back on with gratefulness in 2020 is how alive scripture became to me again. I’ve always regularly read scripture, especially with my kids, but in 2020 it became a lifeline like no other time in my life.

Social media has become a place of constant struggle for me personally. Sharing things like math curriculum and what books I’m reading–while still fun and helpful, I think–just didn’t fit the times of 2020. With a strong conviction, I knew if I was going to remain on social media, I needed to start sharing more boldly about the Gospel, what it means, who needs it (spoiler: everyone).

If I was going to take time away from my kids, my husband, my home for social media, it needed to be for good. Like, eternal good.

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Sometime during spring or summer–it’s all a blur now–I started sharing a daily scripture. That lead into deep lessons that were jumping out to me and I couldn’t not share.

Some lessons were hard and many people don’t want to hear hard truths–that Jesus didn’t come to bring peace on earth, but in fact to bring division. (Luke 12:49) Or to stop reading so many “Christian” authors because many are false teachers!! (I Corinthians 2:3-5)

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I lost many followers this year for sharing Truth more boldly–got into debates, had people question my intent, and tell me they wished I’d share more about homeschooling. But I won’t apologize and I won’t stop following God’s lead.

In December, I read through the book of Luke and many friends on IG did the same. It was mind-blowing to me how relevant, how alive, and how life-giving that book was for the season we’re in. It was beautiful and rocky and uncomfortable all at once.

Let’s keep going, shall we?

Let’s Read John this January

There are lots of amazing books we could read, but right now, we need to be rooted in the Gospel. With Luke read, let’s move on to the next book, John.

I whipped up a pretty reading plan you can tuck in your new planner or Bible and check off as we go. There is space for a few notes as well.

For the open dates, I suggest filling in with Psalms and/or Proverbs.

Here’s your Bible Reading Plan


  1. I’m here for the long haul. I have always enjoyed everything you share. You encourage me and lift me up in ways you don’t even know. Thank you for being a light!

  2. I have loved your newly found boldness for the Gospel and I applaud you for using your platform for Christ! If you are going to influence people for anything, let it be for Jesus! Thank you!

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