Aldi Shopping Trip: Favorite Picks for Healthy Eating

Does grocery shopping stress you out like it does me? It’s not my favorite thing to do, shopping at Aldi has made this job so much easier to do. If you need some grocery store encouragement or some ideas for healthier snack and meal options, this is a post for you. In this post, I am sharing my latest Aldi shopping trip picks, what I look for when shopping, and some of the health goals I have for my family.

Recently, I was chatting with my sisters-in-law about Aldi because a new one had just come to a town near them. They both had mixed reviews, not sure if they liked Aldi. I felt the same when I started shopping there about 10 years ago. It quickly became my favorite grocery store for weekly grocery shopping. If you have mixed reviews on Aldi, maybe this will help you too!

Aldi Shopping Picks: What I Look For

Part of the reason grocery shopping stresses me out is the quality of our food in the grocery store is just so bad…and expensive. When I’m shopping, I am looking for items with as short of ingredient lists as possible with no processed ingredients, and little to no dyes or seed oils. Sugar is another ingredient I watch out for, but it’s not as high on my picky list as the fake ingredients. I think only ONE item in my cart this week had hydrogenated oil–an expeller pressed organic sunflower oil.

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One thing I love about Aldi is the prices on organic choices. I don’t buy all organic products, but for the items I do buy organic, Aldi always has great options for really good prices.

I’m really conscientious about what I feed my family, but also, I can’t be consumed by it. It is very easy for me to go down a very anxious rabbit hole with healthy food. Not in weight loss kind of way, but in a way that I just get angry at what is allowed to pass as “food” these days–the junk food is all-consuming and what passes as “healthy” is just hogwash a lot of the time. I’ve gotten really good at reading labels, but it can also be very consuming to scrutinize over every single bite my family or I take. SO I think you will find in this grocery haul, that it is well-thought-out but not PERFECT, if that makes sense.

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Seasonal Goodies at Aldi

Another thing I love at Aldi is their seasonal items. Every fall, their Oktoberfest items from Germany are my kids’ favorites. Their organic maple butter in the fall is delish! They also have the most fun things at Christmastime. Last year, there was a whole display of meats and cheeses for charcuterie boards with flyers on how to build a pretty board. Little things like that make Aldi fun.

The small-scale size of Aldi makes shopping there way more palatable for me too. Walking into a Costco or a Walmart with their 10463 shoppers, loud fans, long lines…just way too much for my brain! But Aldi is small and much more doable.

I usually go once a week to the grocery store. I order most of my pantry staples like flour, rice, canned goods from Azure Standard and our meat mostly comes from local farms. Aldi is where I pick up snacks, produce, and dairy for the week.

Here’s a peek at what I got this week…

Produce Picks

The biggest section of my grocery shopping at Aldi is usually produce. They have a great selection of organics. We eat apples and bananas every day, so I always grab those. My daily breakfast is almost always non-fat Greek plain yogurt with berries, so berries are always in the cart.

I love their tomato and pepper selection if I don’t have any fresh from my mom’s garden.

Aldi produce

Aldi Shopping Picks: Meat + Dairy

If I am low on meat, I will grab it at Aldi. This trip, I grabbed some organic chicken breasts and some organic lunch meats–no nitrates or bad ingredients–I’m not a big fan of lunch meat, but these are really good options!

Aldi meat

For dairy, I always grab butter (it’s so well priced!), organic whole milk, plain Greek non-fat yogurt, “fun” yogurt for the kids for snacks, GOOD cheeses, and regular cheeses for taco night or pizzas :), they also have some good choices for eggs as well.

Aldi dairy

Healthy(ish) Snack Ideas

Snacks are HARD to buy for me! They’re all just junk and my kids LOVE junk. If I buy anything “fun” or “junky” at all, it’s gone in .5 seconds. Here are a few snack ideas from this week…

  • Parm Cheese Crisps- these are new to us, we’ll see if they like them. The ingredient list was OK
  • Pure+Simple bars- these are like Lara bars but much less expensive
  • Original Pretzel Slims- these are good with salsa, peanut butter, or even slices of cheddar cheese like a cracker
  • Dried Mango- these do have sugar but they’re so good for a sweet treat!
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers- these are a newer item to Aldi…they might go away at some point, Aldi does that sometimes with newer products. These crackers are really good for meat or cheese and the ingredients are really great too.
  • Fruit Strips- WAY better option than gummy stuff or fruit snacks.
  • Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips- These do have some expeller pressed organic sunflower oil (UGH) but other than that they’re pretty good. Great for nachos, melted cheese (my kids just shred cheese and melt in the microwave), or salsa.
Aldi crackers

Their kombucha is always in the cart as a sweet treat for the ride home–great for gut health, but does have sugar if you’re trying to avoid that!


I hope this gives you some ideas for your next trip to Aldi!

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