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A Day in the Life of Homeschool Mama Sarah

A Day in the Life of Sarah, Homeschool Mama of Four

Sarah delights in the simple pleasures of living homegrown with her family on a six-acre homestead in the Hill Country of Texas. Inspired by the native landscape and a cozy home, she enjoys homeschooling her four children, tending to goats and chickens, and growing gardens of food and wildflowers.

Good morning from the Hill Country of Texas!

This picture represents one of my favorite things about home educating: slow mornings, family conversations, and lingering over good food.

By this time I’ve already had a run, gardened, and enjoyed a cup of coffee with John!

Morning Chores

We keep a pretty strong rhythm even in the summer: bible, prayer, scripture memory, poetry, and read alouds. Caring for the dogs, chickens, and goats also happens every day. And swimming! 

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Music Lessons

The local violin teacher had never taught in a home before, but I convinced him to come to our house on Wednesdays. It never hurts to ask! (Our piano teacher swings by on Thursdays). Having in home music lessons is the dreamiest.

Out in the Garden

The garden is the heart of our property. It is right outside the kitchen and we pass by it on the way to everything. Having a garden so visible is highly motivating to keep tidy and flourishing. It is currently blackberry season and after recently introducing 10,000 honeybees to our property we are having the best berry season ever! 

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Afternoon Reading

I love taking the opportunity every day to sit and read picture books to the younger ones. Often the older ones will take a moment from their independent reading to hover and enjoy as well!

Family Evenings

John runs a company in downtown Austin, so evenings and weekends he just wants to abide together outside at home. After dinner we take the goats for a walk, enjoy chats on the deck, and John does a nighttime read aloud. This evening we are enjoying a fresh out of the oven blackberry pie! 
Thank you for spending the day with us! Goodnight from @campfremont! ❤️ Xo 

Thank you so much to Sarah for sharing your family’s day with us!

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