I cannot even begin to share how much I’ve learned since we began homeschooling.  This was not something I anticipated.  I was ready to be the teacher, not necessarily the student.  That came as an added bonus.  The things we’ve discovered together about history, science, art, and literature, and even grammar is immeasurable.  The thing is though, that to be able to learn together, I need to be willing and able enough to SLOW DOWN to do it.  When I’m overly busy and stressed, our school directly suffers, our learning directly suffers. 
The photo above is a prime example.  These are our version of Egyptian canopic jars. In ancient Egypt, during the mummification process, they could place four main body parts into each jar and bury them in the tomb with the mummy.  Each animal on the jar has significance with the body part which were the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver.  The heart was deemed the soul and was left in the body and the brain was thought to be useless so it was disposed of during the process.  I mean, this is interesting stuff, right!?
Today I want us to slow down and learn with our kids.  We always learn and grow from our kids, but today, let’s learn something with them.  Discover something together.



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