How To Spend the Cold Months Being Creative Together With KiwiCo

KiwiCo review

Living in Minnesota, where winter gets really attached and often overstays its welcome, we are indoors for many months. We always welcome the season and embrace all that it offers–puzzles, more reading books by the fire, comfort foods, and all things cozy. But after a while we can get a little restless and find ourselves looking for something to keep us busy. We search for things that bring just a bit of variation to the monotony of the season.

KiwiCo crates are the perfect addition to the long days of winter! We have tried several, but the Doodle Crate is my very favorite. I am SO impressed by the projects in this crate. They nurture creativity in such fun ways, while making it easy for moms by having everything you might possibly need included in each kit.

Here’s What I Love About Doodle Crate:

  • There are art mediums and techniques included that I would have been too intimidated to go out and buy all of the supplies for and teach on my own. This means that my kids are enjoying and learning new things each time.
  • The directions are so clear and perfect for kids who might not be the most thorough of instruction-readers. Another win for moms! It helps kids to follow directions, while being easy enough to follow that we don’t have to be standing over them directing the project.
  • These are projects I would probably never do otherwise. They are unique, fun, and great quality!
  • And lastly, it’s so much fun to get happy mail each month! We always get so excited to see this arrive at our doorstep.

Quick Facts About KiwiCo

  • You choose the crate you want and your child will receive one per month.
  • Each box comes with the tools, materials, and inspiration to explore that month’s project and theme.
  • If your child’s interests change, you can easily switch from one line to another and change it up.
  • Pricing starts as low as $18.50/month at regular price.

KiwiCo offers 9 different product lines (more about those in a minute), so no matter what your child’s interests are, there is a line your child will love. Each month, the new box is full of activities that have been curated around a specific theme–Japan! Color-Changing Food! The Human Body! Soap Making!

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Each box arrives full of everything you need to create the projects or experiments, an educational magazine, extra ideas for kids to do beyond the crate, and more.Slow down this winter and enjoy some quality and creative time with your kids with KiwiCo! I know you won’t regret it!

KiwiCo Review: What Box Should You Get?

When we started getting KiwiCo boxes, there were just a few options. They have since expanded to offer lots of boxes for lots of ages and interests. Here’s a quick list of what they offer, what boxes we have tried, and what we are currently subscribed to.

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KiwiCo Crates For the Younger Years

  • Panda Crate: Ages 0-24 months for Exploring + Discovering
  • Koala Crate: Ages 2-4 for Playing + Learning
  • Kiwi Crate: Ages 5-8 for Science, Art + More! Vera received this one for a long time. The projects included are adorable and so fun. She’s made her own games, learned about animals, and more.
  • Atlas Crate: Ages 6-11 for Geography + Culture. We tried this one out and it’s perfect to add to your geography studies!

KiwiCo Crates For Your Older Kids

Doodle Crate: Ages 9-16+ for Art + Creativity. I hate to pick favorites, but this one is my favorite!! I am SO impressed by the projects in this crate and would love to get it at some point too. There are art mediums and techniques included that I would’ve been too intimidated to go out and buy all the supplies and teach on my own. HIGHLY Recommend this one!

Tinker Crate: Ages 9-16+ for Science + Engineering. This one has been our longtime family favorite. First I ordered it for my boys several years ago for about a year. They sort of lost interest as they got older, but Sophia (then about 8) would always be really interested in it too. So, last year for Christmas I ordered her a subscription and have not stopped. She LOVES Tinker Crate! I would love to save them for rainy days, but in actuality, she normally completes them the day they arrive.

Maker Crate: Ages 16-104. This is a newer crate and is designed for creatives wanting to make things at a more difficult level. These crates look amazing!!

Eureka Crate: Ages 16-104. We subscribed to this one for a while and it was awesome! But to be honest, my 14-year-old was more interested in reading about the projects than actually doing them. We switched his subscription to the Kiwi Crate for Vera and everyone was happy.

If you are looking for something fun, different, and easy for your kids to use throughout the winter, check out Doodle Crates from KiwiCo. You and your kids won’t be disappointed!

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