As much as we simplify our lives, sometimes there’s nothing we can do to avoid seasons of stress.  Deadlines, colds, poison ivy, planning, holidays, and so much more has racked my brain with stress.  I’m trying to figure out how to cope and juggle all this stuff because the next few weeks look equally as stressful.  It’s ok.  We will get through it, but I’m also a seeker of quality.  If we’re going to endure this season of stress and busyness together, I want to emerge on the other side with some sort of dignity, not looking like I just went through a whirlwind. 

I sat down on Sunday and made a list of everything that’s going on in the next several weeks; parties, plans to make, appointments, projects to finish, deadlines to make.  After my big list was done I grabbed my calendar and started making a list on every day.  Yes, every day for several weeks I wrote down one or two things from that huge list until every item was placed into a date.  Now, to just follow the plan. I feel so much better already!

While I was working on my master plan, I asked on IG what people do to cope with stress.  I got some great answers, here’s some of them:

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  • Work out and stretch
  • Use music to either pump you up to get a bunch done, or calm you down when you need it
  • Set reminders on your phone
  • Make lists! (this one was repeated a lot! great minds think alike ;))
  • Remember to laugh
  • Cut down on anything that’s not necessary during the busy season
  • Schedule times for rest
  • Focus on one day at a time
  • Make a daily list of “need to do” and “would like to do” this will help to prioritize your list of to-do’s
  • Keep meals really simple
  • Eliminate on-line time
  • Talking it through with a friend
  • Stay away from time robbers like Facebook and Pinterest
  • Let go of the little things that don’t matter as much
  • Have a quiet hour every afternoon
  • Have a dinner plan in place
  • Focus on the task at hand and not a whole month’s worth of projects
  • Write things on your list you’ve already done–it feels so good to cross it off!
  • Get up way before the kids and go to bed when they do.  You need sleep!

This year I have started a new daily read.  Every morning I try to get up early and read Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  I love how she thinks.  Her ideas of SIMPLE abundance ring to true to my life.  A few days ago she was talking about how we all suffer from stress at certain points, but if there was a woman who didn’t, she’d probably offer you the following advice.  I loved it too much not to share.  This is what a completely stress-free woman would tell you what to do:

“Cultivate gratitude.
Carve out an hour a day for solitude.
Begin and end the day with prayer, meditation, reflection.
Keep it simple.
Keep your house picked up.
Don’t overschedule.
Strive for realistic deadlines.
Never make a promise you can’t keep.
Allow an extra half hour for everything you do.
Create quiet surroundings at home and at work.
Go to bed at nine o’clock twice a week.
Always carry something interesting to read.
Breathe-deeply and often.
Move-walk, dance, run, find a sport you enjoy.
Drink pure spring water.  Lots of it.
Eat only when hungry.
If it’s not delicious, don’t eat it.
Be instead of do.
Set aside one day a week for rest and renewal.
Laugh more often.
Luxuriate in your senses.
Always opt for comfort.
If you don’t love it, live without it.
Let Mother Nature nurture.
Don’t answer the phone during dinner.
Stop trying to please everybody.
Starting pleasing yourself.
Stay away from negative people.
Don’t squander precious resources: time, creative energy, emotion.
Nurture friendships.
Don’t be afraid of your passion.
Approach problems as challenges.
Honor your aspirations.
Set achievable goals.
Surrender expectations.
Savor beauty.
Create boundaries.
For every “yes,” let there be a “no.”
Don’t worry, be happy.
Remember, happiness is a living emotion.
Exchange security for serenity.
Care for your soul.
Cherish your dreams.
Express love every day.
Search for your authentic self until you find her.”

Get the 6 Secrets to a Simpler Mom Life

-Susan Ban Breathnach
Simple Abundance

 I think there’s something from that list we can all learn from today.  Carry on, friends–stress free.



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