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So just as I decide to take a blog break, I miss it. I didn’t take a break at all. But I’m going to…after this one. Just had too much to talk about and what better thing to do than type it all out and let the whole world know what you’re thinking!?
So to make things quick, and in order to sneak in a quick run before my kids and company emerge from their slumber, I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m thinking in two-word points…ready for this??
{Sam’s Club.}
Have you ever been?! I went for the 2nd time in roughly 10 years on Friday. I’ve got juice boxes, yogurt, granola bars, meat, bread, English muffins, and fooood coming out my ears! I feel stocked up and prepared for company. It’s good.

{Flower Power}
My Mother’s Day request was getting a few flowers to set about. My front stoop and my balcony feel green and summery. I got some big ferns for $10 and a big Hibiscus tree for only $20! I was pretty excited. Mother’s Day is totally a day for getting your family to help you with things…like plant flowers. 

{Mama Leverage}
So another thing to do on Mother’s Day is get your family to watch movies they don’t want to watch….like the Sound of Music. Ok, actually they DID want to watch, they just didn’t know it…they’d never seen it for crying out loud!! Sophia totally dug it. I project Sister will be performing “My Favorite Things” for weeks. I’m sure her performances will include the long cresendo notes and wrapping herself up in curtains and everything!
I adore this movie. J’adore! I love Julie Andrew’s voice, it’s so clear and strong and beautiful. I love that Maria is such a rebel. And oh, when Christopher Plummer sings Edelweiss, I blush just like Maria. ;)

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{Elmer Fudd}
So on Friday night, it was my responsible idea to sit together and read as a family. Well that was the plan until my darling husband spotted a rabbit nibbling clover as he was taking in some fresh evening air on the balcony. This spring boarded into a half and hour of trying to shoot the poor thing with a sling shot. As I so calmly remained on the couch reading my book, I heard things like, “FREE DINNER!!” “YEAH!!” and “This is SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN READING!!” Seriously!? Ok, I loose.

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{Silhouette Necklace}
I totally made this. It’s not perfect in any way, shape, or form but I love it all the same. I might wear it every day. I love it…I probably will not do a tutorial on this, but I’ll post some tips sometime soon.
My sister got one too :)

{Aching Heart}
Seriously look at this child…I know she’s mine and I’m biased. What mother doesn’t think their own children are the cutest things ever. But good lawd, this bird is a beautiful thing. I snapped this in a greasy body shop as my car was under deep analysis from hail damage. Greasy body shop, gorgeous girl. Baby Gap, are you reading this!?! 

{Sweet Anticipation}
My sister got here around 11pm last night. My kids were in bed already but they could hardly sleep for anticipation. I love that feeling. I have not seen my sister in 8 months! The airport scene was like a movie. We are going to have a great week of memory making.


  1. Sisters! They are absolute the best. How did you ever make it eight months?? I hope you're having the most wonderful time this week, Alicia dear. And yes, your girlie is crazy adorable…just like her, momma. : )

  2. Love the silhouette necklace; what a great idea!!! I just got a silhouette machine for
    Mother's Day.

  3. What a sweet post… we don't have Sams club we have Costco. SAme thing? I don't know.. LOL

    She is DARLING… who looks that cute in a body shop? What a sweetie.

    Have a fun time with your sister and take lots of pictures for when you get back even though I know you don't need the reminder…

    And thank you for the prayers and the text last night. TOday is the interview!! I'm nervous. LOL Glad it's not ME doing it.

    Love ya sweet thing!

  4. I CANNOT wait to share the sound of music with my baby girl!! One of my favorite movies. Have a great time with your sister and a happy mother's day to you:)

  5. I love love love the Sound of Music but I cannot get the boys in my house to watch it. What is wrong with them?!! Have a lovely time with your sister then come back and tell us all the fun things you've done!!

  6. I'm in love with your necklace, please do share how you made it, I'll wait in anticipation. Enjoy your blogging break! You'll be missed.

  7. happy mother's day, mama! i love your necklace and have been wanting to make my own…maybe you just motivated me? yeah, maybe not…maybe i will buy one 🙂 i love the sound fo music and eric actually just bought it last week, kids haven't seen it yet.
    have a wonderful visit with your sister!!

  8. Break time that sounds like a great plan, especially with your sister so much laughing and talking to be had.


  9. As Mom we are supposed to be biased, but in your case you are 100% accurate. She is beautiful….just as your sons are handsome!
    You have a lovely family and I'm sure your sister felt blessed by her necklace.
    They are wonderful creations!
    Enjoy your break….sometimes we need a little R&R.


  10. have a great time with your sis!
    our family LOVES the sound of music and we sing and dance and twirl around the living room. 🙂 love it!
    is it weird that i know every word to every song? especially the yodeling one? lol!
    i, too, love the feeling of a stocked up house! so blessed!
    and oh my! i love your necklace!
    i am so excited for mine to be done, but i have to be patient.
    but i am SO not patient! urghhh.
    have a wonderful week!

  11. "The fields are alive . . . " LOVE that movie! And thank you for reminding me that my kids have never seen it either! Yeah for a family fun night idea!
    I love all the leverage Mother's Day gives us. I too finagled some work out of the family- that's all I wanted. So now I have my porch swing painted, the deck furniture out, the bunk bed put together . . .
    Have so much fun with your sis!

  12. she IS so beautiful. takes after her momma for sure. the sound of music is my all-time favorite movie. i watched it when i was sophia's age and just fell in love. that reminds me we need to watch it again. have fun with your sis. she's gonna love that necklace:)

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