Taking Stock

We’re on a long road trip.  Asheville to Minneapolis.  Minneapolis to New Prague, MN.  New Prague to Small Town, SD.  Small Town to Rapid City, SD (next week).  June will be spent visiting and relaxing with family and friends.  We’ve already checked off family reunion, 1500 miles, and meeting new friends.  It’s been busy, so I’m taking stock. 

A little list of lately:

Making : plans for next school year
Cooking : a huge chicken fajita salad for my mom and dad
Drinking : cold coffee (somebody refill me please??)
Reading: House Girl. So good.  Also Mrs. Poe.  Equally as good.
Wanting: these swimsuits for my little ladies
Looking: for great quotes
Playing: with sidewalk chalk

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Wasting: time, hey its summer
Sewing: nothing, but planning a Summer Sewing Class!
Wishing: I had had more time with my friend Amy @alittleforalittlewhile when we visited her adorable home in Minnesota this week!!
Enjoying: being with my mama, looking through containers of my old toys, the familiarity of my hometown
Waiting: for a house…but knowing it’ll come
Liking: the double space of Sophie’s new smile, even though I know there’s big teeth coming and her whole face will change…I’m trying to be strong…

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Wondering: what’s going through Vera’s head
Loving: these schedule-free days
Hoping: all mosquitos will die
Marveling: at my kids
Needing: to lose 5 pounds…too much vacation food
Smelling: sunscreen, petunias, grilled foods
Wearing: leggings and the most perfect new tank from H&M

Following: @ainsl3y on instagram, Ainsley Arment is amazing…go check her out
Noticing: birds on the feeders
Knowing: how much my kids mean to me
Thinking: about Charleston
Bookmarking: Cloistered Away blog…I just found it and its so good
Opening: new notebooks
Giggling: at Jack’s one-liners
Feeling: pretty decent

I found this great list here.


  1. We just returned from an equally long, but good, road trip from Sioux Falls, SD to Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Our boys did great and it was so fun to see all the country in between! I could so easily move to South Carolina! Just have to convince my hubby!

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