Amazing Hands-On Art History Your Kids Will Love: Take Time for Art Review

Today I want to share with you a curriculum that we absolutely loved this school year: Take Time for Art. I’m going to review how this curriculum works, how we used it, and why it might be a great fit in your homeschool too. Art is something we don’t like to skip over in our house, but when we can find art that enriches what we’re studying in other subjects, all the better!

Take Time for Art was created by Penny, a veteran homeschool mom of 20 years. She loves combining hands-on projects with art history into full history units, so I knew her curriculum would be a great fit for us.

I cannot wait to tell you all about this amazing art curriculum and what we created this school year! Let’s go….

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Take Time for Art is an art curriculum that gives you a full concept of art history plus an amazing hands-on experience. This is our review..

What is Take Time for Art Curriculum?

Take Time for Art is designed to fully immerse your kiddos into the period of history they’re studying. There are video lessons that explore art from that time period as well as video tutorials to walk your kids through every step of the art projects.

Take Time for Art doesn’t just teach your kids art though or even history—they each from a Christian worldview, which I absolutely love. They believe that “the chief end of man is to glorify God and serve Him forever.”

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So, for instance, when we went through the Ancient Greek study, Penny talks about the difference between Greek gods and the true God that we follow. Everything in Take Time for Art loops back around to God and I loved that about this study.

The lessons are planned out for you in the materials OR you can set your own pace and watch the videos and do the projects as you can.

Available Units:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance

What is Included in Take Time for Art Curriculum?

In a word: EVERYTHING!


But really–pretty much every single thing you need to make amazing art based on history is included in this curriculum.

When you choose your course, you will want to order the supply pack. You can also get the materials list and gather the supplies on your own if you choose to. I love how Take Time for Art does offer these supply packs though. Some of the supplies are unique and it just saves a ton of time for Mom!

The next thing you’ll need to do is sign up for the video course for the time period you choose. This is the real meat of the course. Some videos cover either a deep look at a piece of art or an art concept from that time period. The other videos in the series are video tutorials of the super unique art projects.

When we studied Ancient Greece this year, we created the COOLEST projects!

  • Athenian Helmets: these look like paper mache, but they are made with plaster gauze which is so much easier than paper mache. The girls worked on these over several days and painted them gold when they dried.
  • Painted Tiles: we learned about how the Greeks used terracotta for a lot of their art and vases, so the girls made painted terracotta tiles based on some lessons on Alexander the Great. They loved these!
  • Metal Tooling: the girls thought this was so cool! We had never done a project like this and they loved it. It was even more special because it came with a matte to finish it off and make it look professional.

How We Used Take Time for Art

I always gravitate towards curriculum that I can fit into our homeschool days, not rearrange our days to the curriculum. Take Time for Art fits perfectly with this style.

We were already going to be studying Ancient Greece this year, and I knew I wanted to add in Greek art history too. For our study, we used mostly Homeschool in the Woods’ unit and added in some great books. To add in Take Time for Art, we broke up the lesson plans into small chunks so that we were doing about one lesson from the curriculum per week.

Doing it this way took much longer than it is designed to take, but that’s totally OK! I love that Take Time for Art can be completed at your own pace. If you want to go through it quickly, that’s great! If not, that’s totally fine too.

Summertime learning would be another perfect idea to use Take Time for Art. It’s just the right balance of history and hands-on art—perfect for summer!

Why You’ll Love Take Time for Art Too

We’re all in different stages and seasons of our homeschools, but here’s a few reasons I think you might love Take Time for Art:

  • If you’re a homeschool mama that wants to do more hands-on creative projects but need some inspiration
  • You’ve already planned a great history unit study, but don’t want to worry about planning the art element
  • A new baby is on the way and you need the planning for your homeschool done for you
  • You’re juggling multiple ages and stages and need something to bring everyone together

I think you’re going to LOVE Take Time for Art in your homeschool. We loved Ancient Greece and can’t wait to complete another era of history!

Let me know in the comments if you love art history in your house too!

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Take Time for Art is an art curriculum that gives you a full concept of art history plus an amazing hands-on experience. This is our review..


  1. We are studying early American history this year. I didn’t see a course for that. What would you do? I have seen tis curriculum at some homeschool conferences and I always thought it looked so neat!

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